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Questions and answers from Renault prior to buying a Twizy

Questions regarding Renault Twizy electric cars

Can these cars be driven on the motorway.
Do they require an annual mot.
Are they road tax exempt.
What is the cost for side windows to be fitted.

Battery rental questions.
What is the life expectancy of the battery.
Is the battery rental agreement for a fixed or indefinite length of time.
Is the battery rental cost fixed for the duration of ownership.
Does the battery rental, gaurantee a replacement unit in the event of failure or end of life expectancy.

Dear Mr. Morris,

Thank you for your enquiry on the Renault Twizy.

In answer to your questions please see the below answers:

Yes the Twizy is legally allowed on the motorway, the top speed is 52mph.
The Twizy will require an annual MOT from 3 years old
As the vehicle emits 0g/km of CO2 it is RFL exempt.
To fit the additional windows it works out at £295 +VAT.
The expected life span of the battery is at least 10 years.
You will have to pay the monthly cost of leasing the battery for as long as you own the vehicle. However this does cover you in the event of battery failure or if it drops below 75% charging capacity. In this instance you will be supplied with a replacement battery.
The rental cost also covers you in the event that you run out of charge through your own fault or the cars and will recover you to your nearest charging point.

I’m sorry for the numbered responses but thought it was a more concise way of answering your particular questions.

Should you have any other queries or wish to come and have a look at the Twizy please don’t hesitate to contact myself.



Senior Sales Executive

I think that’s not a bad response to your queries. Only answer that I have some doubt is the 10 year life span of the batteries.

Motorway=brave or crazy

Windows=buy non-Renault as theirs really are cack windows

76% of battery life would make Twizy unusable with a range of 25-odd miles

Beware of Renault bailing out of ZE or Twizy in UK due to losses

Buy used not new or get caned with depreciation

Check insurance pricing

Remember no heating or ABS

I would buy cheapest used model with lowest miles/best spec (eg saw a pre-reg Technic with doors and 30 miles go for 4k) I could afford and forget any windows as they spoil it.
It’s a great fun vehicle but be prepared for a massive shafting if the novelty wears off and you bought new; you’ll lose 60% in months. Check it has no recalls outstanding and brakes don’t drag.

At 3-4k as a fun spare car, great. I loved mine and miss it, but I bought ex-demo and sold for same money, so did not lose £££££.