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Quick User Guide and Handbook Bits to share, print out and keep in car. :)

**The Renault Twizy in one easy read! :slight_smile:

Twizy Tech** please pass this on, print it out and keep in your car!

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Twizy bits that generally confuse people:-

To start turn ignition key and hold till it beeps once and the green “GO” light illuminates.

To release hand brake:- Ignition must be on, push foot brake, pull handbrake slightly and push thumb button on LHS of handbrake handle.

Button on end of Wind Screen Wiper (RHS) Stalk cycles through “Range”, “Total Miles”, “Trip Miles” (hold to reset), Driving Economy “Score” (helps you to extend range) and “CS” (clock set).

Inner switch ring on the Wind Screen Wiper (RHS) Stalk turns on the windscreen defrost (it has 3 positions, an orange light will appear on dash when it is on)

Inner switch ring on the Lighting (LHS) Stalk that makes beeping sounds when stitched on is to warn pedestrians etc of your presence and otherwise silent movement.

Seat Release Strap is located at the Rear Bottom Left of the Driver’s Seat to allow the passenger to exit by themselves.

Rear Seat can be flipped over to create a larger lockable storage area. Clips at front of seat edge are very delicate and can break almost immediately.

Tyre Presures


Front:-** 2.3 bar (34psi)**
Rear:- 2.0 bar (29psi)

Tyre Sizes / Renault Recommend Make:-

Front:- 125/80 R13 65M Conti.eContact
Rear:- 145/80 R13 75M Conti.eContact (about £43 each, Uniroylals are about £34)

like the Twizy Tech Facebook Page for Hints, Info, Tips and the funny side of Twizy! :slight_smile:

Access to** Service** and Roadside Recovery items:-

To get to Headlamp Bulbs + Brake Fluid Reservoir pull the headlamp front panel off with finger tips. Headlamps unscrew with the 3 Phillips screws (don’t lose the springs off them).

Headlight Bulbs:- Standard H4 type bulbs
Side Light Bulbs:- Standard W5W bulbs

To get to Rear Lights:- Lift off the 2 small plastic covers below each side of rear headrest, unscrew the 2 “torx” screws and remove rear light lens.

Side light and brake light Bulb type:- P21/5W bulbs
Reversing light Bulb type:- Py21W bulbs

Indicator Bulbs:- Change at main dealer

The** Twizy will Not Switch On** if the Accessory Battery is flat. It will recharge in 15mins when the vehicle is being charged normally. Accessory Battery can be recharged through the cigarette lighter socket in the left hand glove box with an accessory lead and a 5amp or less battery charger or from another car. A higher charge rate may blow the accessory socket fuse (7.5amp micro blade fuse top row 2nd fuse in from right in fuse box).

To get to the Towing Eye or lead acid Accessory Battery to charge directly or “jump start” the vehicle to switch it on there are 2x bolts under front bumper, after that the front bumper unclips at the top, the Accessory Battery and Towing Eye are located behind. Once switched on the battery will then recharge from the Traction Battery (but use some of it’s remaining range).

To get to Fuses unclip panel around handbrake lever while handbrake on (make sure writing on back of handbrake panel is right way up when reading which fuse is which). All fuses on main panel are Micro Blade Fuses.

Dimensions and Weights (imperial measurements approximate):-

Weight:- 474kg (74st 9lb or 1045lb)
Length (total end to end):- 2.337 metres (7ft 8in)
Width (total wheel to wheel):- 1.237 metre (4ft [SUP]3[/SUP]⁄[SUB]4[/SUB]in)
Width (total mirror to mirror):- 1.396 metre (4ft 7in)
Height (unladen):- 1.454 metre (4ft 9[SUP]1[/SUP]⁄[SUB]4[/SUB]in)

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Presented as is with no warranties or guarantees to accuracy or correctness implied

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Tell me if there’s anything I’ve missed or not explained clearly and I’ll change it. I just wanted to do a double sided page to share with people rather than a dive though the hand book every time you want to change a bulb or check tyre pressures.

I bought our Twizy from a car supermarket and it came without any handbook or info pack. The Handbook is available on the Renault Website and on the forum, worth a read at least once! :slight_smile:

On my twizy the headlights are torx heads the philips are to ajust the light postion and if it’s adjusting to wrongly it can be an mot fail, but can only say for my car

**Just some points:-

Accessory Battery** can be recharged through the cigarette lighter socket - only if ignition is left on.
Windscreen defrost (it has 3 positions… **Does it ? I didn’t know this do you know what they are 1 =off, 2 =on, 3=?
Rear Seat can be flipped over… **This was pre release information. The rear seat is riveted down for safety reasons no one can explain. There are better options. In fact the Twizy rear seat bag comes with a new rivet, Not sure way as I didn’t need to remove my seat to fit the straps as described.

To get to Headlamp Bulbs + Brake Fluid Reservoir pull the headlamp front panel off with fingertips - Start along top edge and not as the handbook says.
Tyre Pressures - These are often set far too high on new Twizys ie at over 3 bar. This causes a very hard ride.

Are you sure the reversing light is not just P21W rather than PY21W as PY is amber coloured.

Head light bulbs should be changed from behind but if using the above method then line car up against a wall first and reset to the same place afterwards, Not easy if it failed first :slight_smile:

Don’t ask me why it’s got 3 positions, mine seems to have an on / off and then a further momentary push to turn it on. I can’t figure out why, but it does nothing in the “On” or “Off” position and I hade to turn it to the 3rd bit to turn it on. I thought it is a bit mad (but then the Twizy is!) I did copy the bulbs direct out of Renaults own handbook. My rear seat’s not riveted in, there’s a couple of chocolate clips in there that brake the moment you look at them. I suspect Renaults cheep fix for that was to fix the seat permanently down. It’s impossible to lock with the naff clips broken. I’ve been playing with tyre pressures. I suspect they put them at 3bar to “adjust” the range figures a bit, makes a big difference on EV’s because of rolling resistance, but it makes your doors creak on the Twizy :wink:

Thanks for the edits BTW I’ll give it a rewrite when I get a mo! :slight_smile: M