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Rac 2012 fcc

The official results have now been posted here. Some impressive numbers. The winner of the most efficient production small car is the Renault Zoe which returned an amazing 129 Wh/km (which is 208Wh/mile). The Twizy wouldn’t qualify for this event since it couldn’t manage the full 63 miles, or achieve the average speed the rules require, but on our trip up to the Electric Beacons ZE Tour event yesterday, our two Twizys (one with doors, one without) managed 85 Wh/km (138Wh/mile) on the round trip of about 20 miles. It’s a bit of a climb up, which affects consumption a bit, but we did much better on the way back! However, given their relative weights and crew complements, and the much higher wind resistance, the Zoe is clearly an impressive engineering achievement.

There was a Zoe at our event, although it wasn’t available for test driving. It’s quite large, and well streamlined, and it looks like it might have been designed as an EV - there weren’t any obvious intrusions into the cabin for the batteries, for example. I hope it sells well.

Hmm. We were in the entrant list, we took part, and we had a data logger – but they didn’t publish our results. Maybe we blew everyone else away! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :

Oh! No! We were there. We were down as “Collie”. We BEAT THE STIG! HA AH AH!"

We were car number 32 “Collie” (Should be “Little Collie”, which is why I was thrown).

Not bad for a car with 26,000 miles on the clock, full of two adults, two kids, two dogs, and luggage!

(The car rolled over 27,000 miles yesterday)

Wonder what you could have done with just you in the car?!

The Leaf weighs about 1520kg, so a full crew only adds about 10% to its all-up weight. Weight affects energy use on acceleration and climbing, but has little or no impact on energy used overcoming air resistance, which would probably be the main power drain on the RAC run. A Twizy with a passenger can easily weigh 20% more than it does without, but a Twizy has such a poor CD that a Zoe or even a Leaf might easily use the same energy at the same speeds. A Tesla Roadster uses less energy than a Twizy to maintain Twizy speeds.