Racing Seat belt

I think ıts diffucult to get in rear seat about drivers set belt
do you think drivers set belt change to racing seat belt ??
I dont know is it correct modification or is it safe when occur an accident?
Thank you for your answers

A bit OTT (over the top) in a Twizy, isn’t it?
How often do you get people going in the back?

You are right It’s not yellow f1 twizy:)
I drove all times with my wife and she wants drive it so ı have to fight her seat belts:)
So this modification is for me
I’m curious about ı can damage seat when ı do panic break

I have a child’s seat in the back. Grandkids love it.

By racing belts I assume you mean a 4- or 6-point harness. These would make access to the rear even more difficult, assuming you could find a secure place to mount them correctly, as they need to ideally go horizontally back from the drivers seat to their mounting points. You’d also need a drivers seat designed for a harness with holes in the back through which the belts should run. You should never attach the harness directly to the seat, as it is fundamentally NOT designed for this and it would be dangerous in the extreme.

It might be easier to simply get into the back from the other side!

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Thanks for your replies. I gave uo to change seat belts. I think it imay be more Dangerous