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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Racing Twizys

Here is a Picture of a set of German Twizys at [FONT=helvetica neue]Nürburg ring.

I don’t know any more about what was happening.

Would love a go at that :slight_smile:

How about a London to Brighton event, 55 miles and theoretically :wink: possible on one charge of a Twizy.
The event would be a race to the finish but with a recharging strategy to add a slight twist. You could either drive top speed for Brighton and allow for a hefty recharge half way (the Hares), or cruise at optimum efficiency with a quick top up when you’re almost there (the Tortoises). Finding the best route, recharge points and charging strategy would make an exiting legal road race.

I laughed at this to start with but it is a good idea. I see a few places where it would be unfair, well used batteries, heavy vs light drivers. SOC on arrival at start. But as a general public event using unmodified Twizys this sounds great fun.