Range anxiety?

Today I ran my Twizy till there were no bars left and it kept beebping at me. Lucky I was near home so I wasn’t sweating, but I was still anxious. When I plugged it in , it said there was still 5% left.
Has anyone actually ran out of juice? What happens?

i havent but i would suspect i use the ‘free’ breakdown you get with the battery rental

First day I got my Twizy I almost didn’t make it back home!
I got the beep warnings first and then about a mile from home the car went into limp mode.
It would only go about 10mph but I finally managed to make it home :slight_smile:


I’m worried about my range. The new one only gets about 36-38 miles on a full charge. The old one got 43-45 on a full charge. At the last service, they told me everything was fine with the battery and charging system even though my regen doesn’t kick in til about 5-6 miles into my daily commute. It’s really bugging me.

temperature plays a big part.

Summer on a 4.5 year old well used Twizy approx 50 miles range
Now at less than 5c then 36 miles range.

Same journey, but winter has lights etc on.