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Range Calculations

There has been a lot of posts in different areas on Range remaining and depletion rate etc and one thing is sure that the Range displayed after a full charge represents the average expected based on the last 150 km driving.

So it would be very interesting of we could post here our Full Charge Estimate (must be 98) or 99%) to get a rough idea of the variation between us.

I will post my latest

20/1/13 39 Trevor (flat driving around here. Not trying to get maximum range. Just maximum fun)

Mine has varied on 99% from just 18 to 41

18? 18! I bow with respect… That must have been a good session.

If I know I’m near home with no need for range, I use the POWER :lol:

Usually I’m hooning locally with endless possibility to charge, but on a longer run I hypermile. After a few of these runs, I get 41, but if I don’t do any long runs and just hoon for days on end it drops massively-lowest was 18. Usually 28 miles or thereabouts.

I’m on 2500ish miles and my tyres are nearly on the tread bars 8-|

Maybe time to order some we ones? I know a few months back that getting tyres was a nightmare…

I’ll wait until they are ready-there’s a bit of life in them yet. Maybe by then the supply will have eased?