Rattling Windows

I’ve got the genuine Renault Windows on my Twizy. They really bang loudly against the top of the door frame when going over bumps to the point where the brackets have popped out from under the door skin.

Is this a common issue?

Which is why some of use never bother with windows. They are too much trouble and make a lot of noise which spoils the Twizy. You don’t need the windows on when driving unless you have a passenger.

Perhaps I’ll exchange the windows for a nice cover :slight_smile:

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I had the same issue with one of my windows, while the other one did not rattle. I noticed that the rattling one could be pushed out easier than the one that was silent.
I managed to fix it by bending the two strips that slide in the door brackets a liitle, so that the window tilts more towards the car. As a result the force to press it against the car is higher, and the window no longer ratlles.
I did this by placing the strips in a vice and hitting the frame with a piece of wood between the frame and a hammer.
I do remove the windows as soon as weather allows it however because it is much more fun to drive without them.



@tw_sjo I did a similar action to @dormos , bending the tangs that fit into the doors. This removed the banging, but does mean extra pressure is needed to ensure the frame does not rub on the bodywork when opening and closing the doors. An amount of “bend, test, re-bend” is needed to get the best fit.

I also bent the frame’s front bottom corner in slightly to reduce the draft created on the leading edge (by the quarter-light. This has additional benefits of reducing the amount of rain driven into the cockpit and reducing wing noise.

Hope this helps.