RCI Battery Lease Fiasco ! We are being misled

New to the forum, and well impressed with the help other Twizy owners have given me so far…especially Kenneth…vroom vroom!! (but with no noise!!!)

I took delivery of a second hand twizy 4 weeks ago, thinking I could choose the term and mileage that I wanted for my battery lease from RCI, since their Customer Proposal Form asks for this. RCI then said they don’t tailor the lease to the customer’s requirements, and offered a short list of options, starting at £45/m for 36 mths. No surprises there I hear you say… That’s where the interesting part starts. I had a list of full tariffs form Renault, starting at 30 Euros for 2500km, 40 Euros for 5000km and so on, including the equivalent of the £45 for 4500miles that RCI UK say is their lowest rate.

What you may not know is that Renault and RCI announced a new low mileage tariff for low mileage users on 1st April 2014 at the Geneva motor show, which, as they stated, covered the entire EU new and second hand Twizy market. Anyone on any contract could switch at any time to one of the new lower mileage rates from that date onwards.

I therefore sent the full list to RCI UK, having spoken to RCI Banque who confirmed that the full list is valid today on all new and second hand Twizys, only to discover that RCI UK have no knowledge of the full list being available. So I asked, why was the UK market being discriminated against, since the offer was supposed to be EU-wide, and as far as I’m aware we’ve not voted to leave the EU as yet!!. RCI and Renault UK have been asked to find out why all other EU countries offer the full rental list, while the UK doesn’t. Nobody knows why, despite the fact that RCI Banque know for sure that the full list does apply to all of their branches.

RCI UK needs pressure put on them to adopt the full list. I’m only one person who’s noticed this discrepancy, but with some assisted pressure, and some good legal advice, we’re bound to be able to get to the bottom of why the UK Twizy market isn’t being offered the full list of lease options.

Does anyone know why RCI UK hasn’t been given the full list to offer? If you call RCI Banque in Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Romania, etc, they all offer the full list, so why not the UK???

Any help from others who have been down this road would be greatly appreciated…we could all end up with a lower rental here…for those doing less than 4500 miles of course…

At the very LEAS(e)T we possibly should all get together and contact them on mass. Well done for finding this out in the first place. Oh, and I most certainly will be doing less than 4500 miles.


Will you please attach the info you are referring to?

I always thought the rental cost on the battery for my mileage seemed high. I will be lucky if I am doing 2k miles a year.

We need to complain.

Same here, my mileage is low now, do £15 a month saving would be a bonus .

When I first bought my Twizy I was on a 3 years contract of £45/month for 4000 miles pa, as with most people. Just less than 2 years into my contract, in Jan 15, realizing I was not doing the mileage, I requested RCI to change my contract to £35/month for 3000 miles pa, which they obliged.
Since then they seemed to have stopped that as some other forum members had not been successful to change theirs.
So I really don’t know what their actual policy is, but I think we need to do something for them to clarify the situation.

I just reread your post. Actually you need to confirm that that announcement applied to the Twizy. If I remember correctly they did that for the Zoe ONLY. That’s why when I requested them to change my contract I asked them to treat us Twizy owners fairly as they treated their Zoe owners.

I have just googled it. The lower tariff was only for the Zoe and Kangoo. The Twizy wasn’t mentioned.

Oh dear. So Moiz, what ya say?

Hi All, I have a wealth of information relating to the lower tariffs, and have confirmed these with RCI Banque. The 2 extra tariffs were indeed offered to Twizy owners from 1st April 2014. If you look at the following links as some examples of where the full list appears, you’ll see that the UK are the only country to have chopped off the 2 lower tariffs at some point. Or possibly they have never offered them. Under EU trade law, we should be able to choose a battery lease in any EU country, after all, we’re only protecting the battery for Renault and ourselves here, so it shouldn’t matter which branch of RCI we sign up to for the lease. Here’s the links to supporting information…



I have tons more similar data. All backed up by calls to RCI Banques in various countries personally. It’s only RCI UK who don’t offer the full list…They don’t know why they can’t offer the full list, and are refusing to dig deeply into this to find out why they’re discriminating against the UK Twizy market. The full list of rates should apply evenly across RCI Banque branches and subsidiaries, and for the most part this is the case, but not for the slimmed down RCI Financial Services Ltd which cover the UK Twizy battery leases. We need this list properly upheld in all EU countries, which includes the UK… Ultimately it’s Renault who tell RCI what lease options to offer, and their press release in 2014 states that these 2 new lower mileage tariffs would apply to both new and used Twizy owners, and would allow anyone to switch to these tariffs at any point in their current lease…This isn’t what’s happening, so Renault should step in and level the playing field evenly for us all irrespective of what EU country we live in.

Looks like the UK has been singled out. Maybe that’s why we need to leave the EU :rage:
I am not saying that’s my position btw :grin:

Well I am… :slight_smile:

And having read all the above, Moiz really does appear to have stumbled on something here. Who’s first (behind Moiz of course) to start contacting RCI?

I will contact them tomorrow, I won’t be doing 4k miles a year or anywhere near it.

When I had my contract changed to a lower tariff in Jan 15 I actually wrote to RCI in Dec 14. Surprisingly they actually rang me back and I spoke to a Jamie. He was very friendly and extremely helpful. Don’t know if he is still around. Ask to speak to him. He was very helpful.

Please let us know how you get on and I will contact him too. Hate being ripped off.

The person who has been looking into the discrepancy at RCI is Richard Suzuki on 0844 482 3835. He will tell you that the Operational Manager for the Electric Vehicles Sales Division of RCI Bank said that the full tariff list is only being offered in France and Germany, which is totally not true. If you look on Renault Ireland, Spain, Italy, Romania, and all other EU countries’ websites who sell the Twizy, the full list is offered. He’ll say that the original Press Release was only a promotion and is stopped now for the UK, and only France and Germany chose to keep it running. Firstly, the Renault Press release didn’t state anything of the sort that the new tariffs were temporary, so why would they come to an end…and why would only Fance and germany choose to keep them?? The truth is that they haven’t come to an end, it’s only RCI UK that brought them to an end…and nobody knows why, or who to blame for it…

If you think about that logically, what would RCI UK and Renault UK have to gain by chopping off the 2 lowest mileage tariffs in the UK, while everyone else kept the full list. That doesn’t make any sense, since the lower tariffs actually cost more pro-rata per mile than the others, so no reason to get rid of them…

I was told that you have to pick from their list of tariffs, but when I asked for a rate for 15000 miles annually by mistake, they worked out a figure for it…£93…despite that rate not being on their list…They are making this up as they go along. It’s time Renault UK and RCI was brought to task on why they’re disadvantaging the UK market by their ludicrous behavior.

Let us all know how you get on if you speak to RCI UK…It will drive you nuts!!!

Here’s a better one!!! While I’m negotiating a battery lease rate which suits my circumstances, the previous Twizy owner who I bought the car from is still having to pay the battery lease at the rate he was on until I sign a new lease. If I don’t sign one, the previous owner will have to continue to pay for the lease, forever I suspect…How crazy is that??? and it’s in the lease agreement, so if you ever sell your Twizy, MAKE SURE the next owner signs a lease with RCI BEFORE you hand over the Twizy, otherwise you will be responsible for paying the lease!!! Nightmare!!

I feel really bad that the previous owner has been landed in this situation, and the only people who can resolve it are RCI, but the pressure isn’t on them, since they’re getting their battery paid for in any case!! What an ill thought through setup Renault and RCI have created. No wonder their sales figures are so crap for the Twizy. If they created a decent deal, they’d shift tons of them!!!

Just to point out, should have said in my last post. I’ve been trying daily to get a deal sorted out with RCI UK, but 4 weeks down the line I’m no further forward in getting to the truth about the lease options.This needs to get sorted out, and quickly, for all involved!! I also told RCI that I’d be happy to back-date my lease rate to the date when I bought it, so that the previous owner wouldn’t have to continue to pay for the lease while I was negotiating a deal for myself. They said they can’t do that, so are not prepared to let the previous owner out of his lease until I sign a new one…Where else would that make sense!!!, or be legally enforceable… it’s ridiculous…

You may also make a note of this name - Ben Fletcher. He is the top UK Renault EV guy for the whole of Europe. Apparently he is very approachable but you will have to find out where he is located.

I am on 35 per month. Was lowest rate offered when I purchased in Sept 14. 3000 miles a year.