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RCI Battery Sales?

Had to call RCI to sort out exchanging battery leases - apparently, this is not possible - you have to transfer your existing lease to the dealership and they have to enter you into a new lease on the revised agreed terms. This also means a concurrent DDM until they decide not to collect on the original one.

Since my payment date is usually 23td of each month, I was told since I take a new lease out from 25th (expected), I would not be due any refund. This did not please me in the slightest - and I told them so. A ‘senior manager’ had to intervene, who agreed that when the replacement lease activated I would have the last payment rebated - the amount due to them would be £3, but it was a shame they felt I would not miss the £42 overpayment.

Asking whether I could pay the battery up front, was told ‘at present’ no - but if the policy changed, users would be given the opportunity to.