RCI letter battery

Just in from RCI forcing me to a one year agreement although I have told them that i remove the battery next month and informing me that i will always have to pay rental during the life of the vechicle :rofl:

Sounds odd. Surely the Renault Twizy is EOL without a battery. :thinking:

The m1n1 Twizy is completely different. :grinning:

Renault is slowly moving by offering battery purchase in France.

So it would take around 4 1/2 years before you are in the black against £40 per month battery rental. Would batteries be good at this point?

my battery is seven years old and has lost 4% of capacity although my mileage is quite low at just under 10k total miles.


Have had my Twizy since Jan 2018 from Lookers Renault and have never received any lease agreement or been contacted by RCI.I Contacted them several times to let them know and still got nothing from RCI.Since Renault say it is the sellers responsibility to transfer the lease I got fed up trying to sort it and have just been driving it.Will be selling soon due to new job and not sure how this will complicate matters

I wish to buy a Second hand Twizy and found one with a Renault dealer. The car is 2015 model on 65 plate. I read with interest the debate on the Battery Lease etc. I am now concerned about the battery lease implications on this vehicle. Can anyone reassure me. Cammy.2019-10-24T23:00:00Z

‘Reassure you’ about what?

Hi Nick,

If you have still got the Twizy I would be interested in buying it, feel free to email me at gclayton at hotmail.co.uk