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Really Horrible Noisy Brakes

Much has been moaned about scraping grinding sounds from Twizy’s brakes after standing for a few days and I always put this down to rusting discs. That noise has the trait of disappearing when you gently touch the pedal moving the pads slightly but…

That was until yesterday when it sounded like the wheel bearing had collapsed and the broken and cracked balls were being ground against each other. What a noise!!! I thought the wheel was going to fall off.

Rather than try and get hold of Renault on the Easter weekend I jack up the offending wheel and it hardly rotated, locking up forwards and reverse and making clicking grinding noises… Off with the wheel and hand rotation of the disc made the same (but interestingly enough no play) so it was off with the disc caliper and off with the wheel bearing nut and lo and behold… Nothing at all wrong with the bearings. Hmmm.

However, inspection of the caliper revealed bits of gravel on the pads at the top where they flick off from the tread when reversing out of our gravel drive. Brush brush clean and re-assemble and quiet Twizy is back.

Worth checking if you have awful noisy brakes…

Actually that is quite a common problem with any car.

Thanks Trevor
i will look at mine tomorrow been bugging me for a few days now and I happen to have a pebble drive !!