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Reanult Twizy Interior Research


My name is Joshua Donner and I am currently undertaking a project whereby I am redesigning the interior of the Renault Twizy. My main focus is on the dashboard and steering wheel as I feel this component of the interior does not match the external aesthetics of the car. For my research I really need some reviews of the interior from people who own the Twizy, and anything you feel would help towards improving it…may this be through added features of just a cosmetic overhaul.

Any particular issues you have with the interior would also be really good to know.

If your interesting in helping it would be greatly appreciated if you could just comment on this post with your views.

Thanks, Joshua Donner

University Of Lincoln

I would agree the interior does not fit the ZE theme or exterior, but it was done using existing Renault parts mostly to fit a budget.

Styling apart, the obvious matter to address is water-proofing as parts such as the hazard switch fail when they get wet…
Some low energy blue LEDs for mood or backlighting would match the car and it desperately needs somewhere to put a phone, preferably next to a charge point
A display showing how much CO2 was saved by using the Twizy over a conventional car would be fun
I would lose all grey and black and use off whites or bright colours for the materials
The glovebox lid needs a strut so it stay open unless pushed shut and needs a better lock
A master switch to isolate all electrics (to stop vandals turning on lights or hazards to flatten your battery) would be good

…just to get you started!

Thanks for the quick reply!

I understand a lot of focus is on the budget side of things in relation to the car. Your point about the place to put the phone is an interesting one as I have been looking at the potential of mounting the telephone in the steering wheel and then using it as the vehicles main display. Negating the need for a stand alone display. (See image below) . The idea is it would act like Apple’s recently released CarPlay however this would run through a dedicated R-Link app which uses siri for a complete hands free experience. Obviously though it will just come down to a matter of conforming to the Twizy’s budget.

The other points you have mentioned are really beneficial and I thank you for your time :slight_smile:



Ye don’t worry! Had picked up on this when I came up with the idea…it’s all part of development process…I’m sure i’ll come up with some idea on how to solve it :S haha

It won’t be long before a iPhone or similar will be the “key” for the car, which stores the user’s private settings for audio, seat positions, sport mode settings etc in luxury cars, piloting this in a Twizy as the dash/interface/key would be a good way to start as the phone could be the complete dash on a Twizy.

What about dinosaurs like me who don’t use a mobile phone, never mind a smart phone;)

I tried a smartphone for a week and went back to a Nokia candybar, but in time I’ll adapt-have bought an iPad recently and can work that ok so guess a smartphone will be next.

If for car use, it would slot on and empower the car’s electronics and show the display of speed, b/life etc and can be used as a phone-you would not have to use all the complex features if you did not want to.

I don’t have a problem using a smart phone. I just choose not to have a mobile phone. I know a lot of people can’t understand that, particularly the younger generation, who just cannot live without their phones. How sad.

Re-design the Drive - Neutral - Reverse buttons. To go from Drive to Neutral ( or from reverse to neutral) i press both the D and R button at the same time. If i try to use just the middle part that says N, it often gets me into reverse unwillingly.

Thanks for the feedback so far guys, really appreciated. Little problems such as the button layout are things that are really good to know about. If anyone has any more comments about the interior, even if you think its good then they would be really beneficial. :smiley:

The car needs a sun visor without a doubt, personally I would like an external temp sensor, would cost little to fit, and would let you know how brave you were being actually driving it :smiley:

Two main problems for me are not being able to see traffic lights if I’m the first car in the queue as the windscreen doesn’t extend back far enough, and the glovebox lids should be sprung so that they stay open.

The amount of times I’ve gone to get something from the glovebox with one hand, only for the lid to close and the clip to scrape my hand as I’m taking it out.

Some form of interior lights would be great. I’d also like some daytime driving lights, it would save me having to turn the headlights on and save power. Don’t like the idea of a centrally mounted smartphone unless it was in addition to the main speedometer. Smartphones crash, explain that to the police! Left and right indicator lights instead of one flashing indicator on the dash. Use more LEDs, they’re more in fitting with the style of the car. Why do I have to switch modes to see range, driving style etc. my BMW puts it all in one display, even sat nav instructions. The parrot car kit is a distraction, somewhere for its display that doesn’t have you staring to the top left of your windscreen, trying to fiddle with the remote. Integrate it. I agree with the sunvisor though, it’s blinding at times. Have a word with your colleagues regarding windows, yes there are retrofit solutions, but there should be a door replacement that includes a proper, sealing, solution. Personally I think that’s its biggest fault, if it had windows that worked, and could be wound down completely in summer it would sell a lot better.
My sons keep scraping their black trainers on the rear of the seat, leaving black marks, make the seat back smooth, the marks would come off easier.

I like the open nature of the Twizy - mine doesn’t even have doors - but the design of the side openings creates a continuous cross draft and eddies within the cabin that suck in mist and spray when it’s wet, and a fierce draft even when it’s not. I wonder whether some wind tunnel testing could help design a profile that wasn’t so prone to that. In the mean time, I think Twizy owners are better off redesigning their own exteriors to create the ideal climate, and I see a revival of Edwardian motoring clothing.

Personally, I would prefer a side-by-side layout for the seats, which can be achieved within the current wheel base (we had a couple of electric buggies with the same wheel-base) and “only” requires that your outside hips be level with the outside of the rear wheels. :smiley: I suspect this may be well beyond your brief, though, if you’re just looking at redesign of the interior as it is.