Rear brake discs required

Hi folks anyone know where to source these at a decent price.will be needed soon for the mot.
I saw a post on fitting new ones but they come complete with the alloy hub.however they are a separate item that is pressed into the alloy hub.i don’t want to pay for a hub when I can assemble myself with a hydraulic press.

I fear you have to buy the whole set. Others have been looking for the disks only. And could not find them. I’m sorry…

What is the cost of rear brake disc (complete hub) around? I changed mine, and I know the Norwegian prices but what goes around in other countries?

£130 for 1

I just read an article that replacement of the hub and pads, parts and work costs 13600 SEK (1200 Euro) in Sweden. The vehicle had less than 10 000km on the road…

If somebody has paid SEK 13600 for two new brake discs then he has been cheated. End of story. The two discs themselves cost less than EUR 300. Car repair in Sweden is normally relative cheap.

The pads cost EUR 30.

Thanks for the reference. Then I know where to look when it is time…

Same story. It’s bilia, isn’t it?