Rear Calliper alternative suppliers?

Hi guys,

Anyone know where to buy a rear calliper apart from Renault ? Their £201 asking price for one calliper is extortionate to say the least and I need one as the handbrake is not holding on one of my rear wheels.

Thanks in advance


Check that it has been adjusted by screwing out the piston

Thanks for the reply, I’m not really technically minded, where would he piston be to screw it out please?
The problem I’m having also is that the handbrake lever becomes very loose and slack when released and moves up and down easily whilst driving giving me the handbrake warning light on with sound. Having to hold it down to stop.
The guy I took it to I know pushed something in near the calliper which took some effort and then made the handbrake lever tighter and travelled less up once applied and when released no slack. However once applied can still move the Twizy unless on the last click.
After a few attempts doing this, it has now become very slack again.

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Where are based? @Lightly fixed mine which had a simular issue with the handbrake not working. However I now have another Twizy handbrake issue where it doesn’t always come off on one side. I manually have to push the caliper lever back (one finger). This isn’t related to the handbrake not working it is just one of those things that should be oiled and doesn’t get oiled despite it being open to the rain. Easy enough for the none technical to fix with some WD40 and oil.

To screw out the piston takes a bit more work and not something I can explain in text.

For a temporary fix. Lift out the floor panel to expose the handbrake cable and tighten the cable up there. Check that both wheels still spin freely. This will take the slack out the cable but not help with the hold.

I’m based in north London. Too be honest my mate which knows about this stuff says I need a new calliper. I just need to source a decent price one. Otherwise I’ll go to Renault.


Your mate needs to remove yours, clean it reassemble and set the screw out piston.

Mine was seized but I still have the same caliper assembly and it works very well again. I’m fed up of people just replacing parts because it is the easy root. Not just cars but all items. Land fill is full of repairable stuff if people could be bothered.

The screw manual setting is unusual and perhaps he hasn’t seen it before.

That’s good to know. I will forward this on to him. Hopefully he can find the piston screw to set it out.

Thanks for your help.

It’s the piston that screws out not a screw. There is a slot in the side near where the piston touches the brake pads thats lets you put in a small screwdriver and mover the piston in or out. But you need to have it checked/ cleaned first to ensure it is not stuck.

Ok thanks

It is very unlikely you will need to replace the caliper, my Twizy has done 13500 miles and sits out in all weathers. I had issues with the handbrake, but now I know how it works, setting it up correctly is everything.
Try showing my brake disc thread to the garage, and he will understand it I am sure, if not I am happy. To explain it to him on the phone.
You can get all my details at
With the handbrake lever issue, a copious amount of lube and working the handbrake cured the sticking you describe Chris.

Thanks Chris, I’ll pass it on to him as he is a mate that does it from home. If he won’t do it I’ll take it to a local garage to see what they say with your info.

Mark I know but it is still stiff on one side and needs a finger of help. :grinning: Which is fine except when I get my watch stuck between the mud guard and the car and cannot get my hand back. I end up having to get out the car at that point! :rage:

The left hand caliper lever stuck on my Twizy and I had to get the Caliper replaced.
The garage tried to free it off but it was seized solid which considering I use the car almost every day was surprising
I do have the old caliper and when I have time I will have a go at unseizing it :slight_smile:

When I unsized mine.i removed the cable from the lever arm.then using an adjustable spanner grab a hold of the lever and wiggle back and forth with plenty of wd40 or similar.eventually it will free off .reconnect the cable and voila!! Back in business .

That was tried with mine but it was seized solid!
I have the old caliper and I will try soaking it in Plus Gas or similar and then see if it will move :slight_smile:
I have started spraying the brake arms once a month now to see if it helps.


Thanks everyone, after some lubrication and screwing out the piston the calliper concerned works fine now.

My forthcoming problem seems to be my discs, especially my rear ones starting to lip and small rust patches. I know these are pricey from Renault. Any other alternatives to buy some from in the future when I need them ?

Glad you sorted the pistons. The rear discs are part of the rear hub assembly and the whole lot needs to be replaced. This explains why they are so expensive compared to normal discs.

Now you have freed off your brake the wear should slow a bit. Remember the discs are very thin to start with. @Lightly is th ebest person to help with this as he managed to get some and fit them on his Twizy.

Ok thanks.

Do you know what each disc assembly costs on the rear ?

They are about £108+ vat each from memory