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Rear Parking Sensors

When I ordered my car, i paid for rear parking sensors but these were not available at the time. Last week they had arrived at Renault London and yesterday they were fitted.

No suprises, they work nicely.

Place the car in reverse… the sensors bleep once to show they are active.
If something is generally behind they will multi-bleep and as you move to within 12 inches or so of an obstruction you get a solid bleep.

No pics as nothing is visible!

Nothing Visible! How does this work? I had expected the little ultrasonic transmitters like on all cars with reversing sensors.

Very intrigued now, so I read the fitting guide and there are two sensors at the rear that can be seen.

Top entry is currently the reversing sensors. Very long and detailed. There are two new holes in the rear of work.
Again you have to take the rear seat out. However there is no mention of removing the rivet holding it in. So that design change came after Jan 12 but before mid Feb 12.

Buzzer is in the back rather than feeding the wire to the front! As it is easy to get wires form the Speaker Pod down to the rear boot I think I would have put it up there in the middle. But that is just be and not wanting the Passenger or luggage to block the sound.

@twizynorthwood that’s just being lazy look in the mirrors :stuck_out_tongue: lol

But on a more important note its probably not a bad idea for your rental clients :wink:

Alas no rental clients yet!

Actually, I was wrong, I should have looked. Here are the pics of the left and right sensor.



Neat job by Renault