Rear seat storage

When you unlock the rear boot it also unlocks the seat. If you study the seat it is obvious that it is designed to be reversed, however there is a rivet of sorts under the pad that holds it in place. How can this be removed or is it a safety feature stopping the seat coming out?

Anyone know?


Although not recommended some owners have broken the rivet off and use the seat as a storage area. It is still a puzzling design change to fix the seat that was so obviously going to be a usable option.

I am also informed the rivet breaks off fairly easily! Although I not tried it.

So here is a video of the very thing.

Rear seat Video

I don’t think it is worth having. A good waterproof bag and a exomesh. All of which can be kept in the rear storage. Like this:

The seat turned around idea would maybe ok as a booster seat type thing.
I am going to take my rivet out, just to see if it’s usefull space or not, I can soon put another in if need be.

I was just about to start a new topic when the forum advised me of this thread.
Has anyone else turned their back seat upside down yet? It seems to add extra boot space but it’s not very secure at all.

Mine has a rivet which clearly fixed the seat in place, but I think this was broken off by the previous owner. There are also plastic 2 clips at the front of the back seat (underside) which have been broken too, so it doesn’t lock. I’ll print off some new ones, if anyone is interested let me know.

As mentioned above, there are much more practical ways to make a boot container.

Here’s a photo (the previous links seem to be broken since forum migration.)

I’m sure he’s a member on here…but just seen this bit of plastic that covers the hole? How do I get this!!

Are you talking about the little black plastic insert that sits in the recess (boot cut out) behind the seat or he bit that plugs into the seat belt lock?

The bit he plugs in. It’s a renault part so it must be avaliable somehow, if I can get a part number

@Pasos where can I get this adaptor?