Reduce horse power

Hello I wondered if anyone can advise if it is possible to reduce a Twizy 80’s horse power to 15hp from 17hp? Is required to pass legislation.

@kennethnilsen69 might know

Whose legislation? The EU rules for L7(e) heavy quadricycles limit the engine power to 15 kilowatts, and the Twizy 80 motor is stated to be 13kW, which is equivalent to 17HP

Hmm this sounded strange. but ok it is no problem to reduce HP with a Powerbox but I can not give you any of documentation for this. you must then arrange this through one authorized workshop that has Power Bench/Dynamometer which can measure HP

Sorry for delayed response but this is for Bermuda.


Yes theres an easy solution for this, get in touch with Florian from Twizyx.

Theyll do a custom solution for you