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Refusing to renew battery hire

Still have another year until my 3 year battery contract is up, but I was wondering if anyone else has thought about refusing to renew the contract, effectively forcing Renault to offer us the option of purchasing it or the hassle of removing the battery.

My Twizy will finally be paid off next year, and I just don’t like the thought of still having to pay something monthly for it. I know you could compare it to having to pay for petrol but it would be nice to to just own it entirely, including the battery.

Anyone else thought about this? Or do you think they will play hardball and say if we don’t want to renew then it’s our responsibility to return the Twizy to them so they can remove the battery, and then our responsibility of getting the Twizy home with no battery?

I think Renault will play hardball and charge you the cost of the battery removal. Then pursue you for the costs.

I had this discussion with RCI earlier last week. The bottom line is that they will expect you to get the battery removed and transport it to a Renault dealer (which one not specified). All this will be at your cost. I wonder how long it will be until battery technology improves enough for them to be affordable to re-install and give an increased range? I recon 5 years, thats 5 years of not being able to use the vehicle if you were to go down this route. What do you think?

Have you read the battery contract? Once the lease expires there is the onus on the hirer to arrange the return of the battery, but not the costs of doing so. Further, it would need to be returned via the EV dealership network for safety reasons as this is not something the renter has any choice over.

Faced with RCI having to pay a dealer to remove a pack, then arrange shipping to France for refurbishment the cost (to RCI) will be considerable. Can you see them doing this? I can’t.

Once the contract term is reached the deal is concluded and no further payments made. If they required the hirer to pay for the return, it needs to stipulated. As it isn’t they cannot hope to recover this subsequently.

Hi James I was about to ask this same question, it appears to be partly answered but not yet proven.

Surely its not difficult to unbolt a battery pack?

Yes a spent Lion pack must be disposed of at a licensed site. If you take it back to Renault and say “here you are mate, pls sign for receipt” but I dont know what the small print says?

maybe someone can find out. You can be sure that Renault wont want you off their hook easily.

I did some quick checks and Lion batteries 18650 types are ca £1 5A 3.7V = 18.5 Wh, so if you want 6.1 kWh these mean ca 300 batteries ca £300

of course its not that simple and NOT for the amateur spanner, but I an an Ebiker and mobility sccoter user and we have much info available on how to sort our kit without ruinous extortionate dealer prices

Ebikers are a very rich source of info on modifying their electrics, so its all there

I want to buy a Twizy at then end of its battery contract ca £2500 offered and make up my own battery pack (and charger) <£500. Beats the £2700 charged by Renault. Anyone (electrical) interested in collaborating pls pm me. I must stress this is not a job for newbies, Lion batteries are potentially a fire hazard and explosive, look what it did to the Dreamliner.



What you suggest will not work - not at a practical level, but an administrative one. The battery pack remains leased - if is never sold. A dealer will only sell you a Renault EV once the contract is signed for the term you choose.

They are unlikely to ‘forget’ as even when PXing, the dealership takes over the contract until sold. They are in no position waive the transfer and if by some fluke you managed it - your first service or warranty recall would show the battery anomaly. For the money involved it just isn’t worth the hassle.

Although this is very true in the short term, it will happen may be years down the line when it is cheaper to give back the battery pack and scrap the car.
For now in the UK none will be available. Get one with a battery pack and remove it yourself and use it as a reference for your re-design.

Maybe getting a bit confused on the issues here. It might help if some kindly user would post up a readable copy of the battery lease agreement

From what I’ve read, when you sell a Twizy, the lease is not transferable and the former owner is responsible for paying up the remaining time left on his lease (is there a discounted rate?). The new owner should go to the Renault dealer and take out a new lease (does he get a new battery then?). So what happens if he chooses not to? Does Renault send the Bailiffs round to find out why you havent signed a new lease?

Of course if you get away with it as I suspect you can , then you are on your own. Dont imagine you can take your pirated Twizy to a main dealer and expect any help

But then this happens in the States eg it became very advantageous to import Used Japanese Kubota farm equipment, crated up as spare parts. These were known as grey imports which were a third of the local price. The local dealers would ask for serial nos whenever you went to buy routine spare parts, as soon as they found out it was grey then - no sale.

So its a case of who owns who

So please someone look at the lease agreement and tell us the small print.


The battery rental has to be transferred to the new owner or garage/dealer, else you have to continue to pay. There are some people still on this forum that have done that. Also some that have taken on the transferred rental.

I have to correct the misuse of English - the battery is not ‘transferred’ in much the same as nobody has a ‘24 month’ mobile contract. The phone contract is not a fixed term, the duration is only a minimum term of service, nothing more.

RCI’s contract is cancelled when the user sells or PXs his EV. The new owner takes on a brand new lease, and starts the hire term refresh - there is no taking over the remainder of the previous owners obligation, so not a transfer in any shape or form.

The rules are as currently applied, but as Renault can be fickle, they can change of alter the process and perhaps even do away with the scheme as unwieldy and unmanageable (one can hope). We just have to watch and wait.

Very well put :cool:

Can someone please post this contract on the web


ps there were many people who got caught out with extortionate mobile phone contracts in the early days, now its mostly SIM free unlocked phones that sell. Consumers quickly got wise and I guess the same will happen with Twizy