Regen noise

I have had my Twizy for a few weeks now, and every now and then, especially at low speeds, there is a strange rattle during regen. And sometimes its there in higher speeds when positioning the pedal from accelleration and releasing to regen. Cant quite explain the sound, but its not the normal “drag” sound from regen. Its like a grinding sound almost…

Anyone else have this? Normal? Being paranoid?

I have the rattling noise on lift off/regen for quite a while now. Don’t know what it is. So far no ill effects so I just ignore it. Maybe someone else can enlighten us.

I suspect that this has something to do with the lack of oil and it happens at the No load point between regen and drive. There is some slack in the gears and they ‘rattle’ or ‘knock’ together when not under positive or negative load. At some point and no one is sure when, it will have some ill affect.

Mine also makes the noise but not always and I had the gear box seal replaced and was told that there was nothing wrong with any of the gears. However it was noisier on return to me - again suspect the oil is not right or not enough.

It may be worth linking to this oil change thread.

Removing the rear

Thanks for the comments. Will query my local dealer regarding this. Bought it new a few weeks ago, so any non conformity will be theirs to solve. Will probably as mentioned here, let it run for a few weeks more, just to make sure its either persistent or if its just once or twice a week.