Hey gang. Just wondering, when does your regen kick in? On my last twizy, it kicked in after about 200 yards, i.e., the end of my street. My new one doesn’t kick in til after about 3 miles. On the new one, I lift off the accelerator or hit the brakes, and the regen arrow doesn’t come on. Wondering if I have a fault, or is this normal??

The regen arrow should always appear when above about 7.5 mph. However if the battery is full or the full checks at startup/turn on didn’t complete then the regen will not actually work. Well that is my findings.

Turn on the car and hold key until the red and orange lights go off (beep) and the Green N is displayed. Regen should then be enabled provided there is room in the battery.

So I have a problem then? It’s going for a service and 1st mot next Monday. I’ll raise it as a warranty issue.

You will have to let us know what happens.