Reliabilty on the long run

I am considering to buy a twizy which is 4yr old with 4000km can someone tell me regarding any comen faults especially in electronics and reliability ?

My Twizy is from 2012, about 23000 km on the clock. I bought it 2nd hand. I think they have had some problems in the 1st year, The only troubles I experienced were the usual (hand)brake things. We drive the Twizy almost every day, sometimes a longer ride, most of the time just short rides up to ten km. It seems to me that Twizy’s like to be driven frequently.

I use my twizy every day when I’m working. I recently had 20 days holiday and the twizy was a pig the three times I used it over that 20 day period. The brakes were crap, the range was crap. It’s much better now that I’m back to work. Huffy wee buggers when they don’t get attention!! Hehe