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Removable battery

im very close to buying a twizy but like over 50% of Londoners I live in a flat.
I read the battery weighs 100kg ? and is under the drivers seat, i was hoping that it might come in 2 or 3 sections and be easily removable? (even if I had to use some kind of trolley).

if renault made this doable it would probably also make it more of a viable option for even more commuters if they could wheel the battery into the office and charge it there during office hours.

maybe im being too optimistic :slight_smile:


The battery is not easily removable, as the car has to be lifted off it. I have a feeling it may weigh more than that, as the Twizy is not a light vehicle.

oh well, ill have to wait until the technology moves on or charging station are more ubiquitous.

can you not make it both ways without a charge…

Charging needs to be done almost daily, it’s not like filling a tank once a week, so it will need to be really convenient for you. To charge my Twizy on the street I made a really long waterproof extension cable with a cable cover/ramp that allowed people to safely walk over it. The Twizy is so easy to park that I almost always could park it within range of the extension lead.