Removed front plate holder

Since we dont need plates on the front in sweden and the empty plate holder looked uggly i just had to remove it. Dont know if this eill help someone but ill uppload pictires of my proccess.

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Done the same thing first day after purchase, right after I changed winscreen wiper blade with the soft one…

Nice, did you have trubble getting the metal expander pins out? i drilled one and had to cut the other two since they started rotating

Nope, they goes out nicely with battery driller

How is your Twizy registrated in Sweden? As a motorbike or as a car? I wanted to take the front plate of mine, but here in Denmark I believe that it is registrated as a car and therefore it has to have a front plate.
Thomas V.

As a heavy 4w motorcycle
It should say so in your papers

I followed your guide and did it to my Twizy, thanks!