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Removing the rear

Hello, Can you tell me how easy it is to remover the rear bumper (if you can call it that!) the black part that goes around the lights, and the rear number plate bolts to.

Thank you

Not too hard. There is a you tube video, from Germany.

Sorry to revive this, but can you direct me to the you tube page? I cannot find it.

Also, is this the easiest way to change the oil, or is it best to jack the Twizy up?

What oil? :confused:

The gear box oil. Reading the OVMS booklet, they say that Renault replace with 75W80, whereas gearbox manufacture recommends 80W90. Replacing has been known to reduce the potential oil leaks and reduce gearbox noise, as well as reduce gear fretting.

Any thought or experiences of replacing oil on the forum?

I am also thinking of doing this at the moment, has anyone done this and if so is there a nice how-to about?

Hi wildfireone, if it is the oil change you are talking about, I found this link but haven’t had the opportunity on doing the do yet.

I am afraid it is in French, but good old Google translate is a friend.

I will update when I have done the change.

Another You Tube link:-
[Twizy Oil Change][1]

[1]: https://youtu.be/w81fY9NP4x4

Thanks @osbrook . This is very much appreciated.:grinning:

Just seen this thread!
Does anyone know how often the gearbox oil should be changed?
Reason I am asking is because I am familiar with the Comex Gearbox fitted to the Twizy.
They are also fitted to Microcars and Aixam quadricyles, I owned several Microcars.
These gearboxes have an awful reputation for self destructing
I am not exaggerating either, when they do break the bearings chew up and completely destroy the gearbox cases
Very expensive to replace!!!
Reason they fail is because the top Input shaft is only splash fed from the gearbox oil.
One of the ‘official’ cures was to fill the gearbox with a full one litre of oil as opposed to the lower amount in the manual.
Possibly one of the other reasons they failed on the Aixams was Engine vibration from the diesel engine fitted.
Hopefully the Twizy will be more reliable!
I have just had my Twizy serviced but I have never been charged for Oil so I assume that the oil has never been changed.
My Twizy has over 12000 miles on the clock and on Microcars the Gearbox Oil should be changed every 3000 miles religiously
Guess what I am doing next Weekend!


I am popping in to see renault as I think my gearbox is very noisy


Keep us informed on what they find!
I have read that that the gearbox has a maximum rev limit of 7000rpm
A Twizy at top speed of 50 mph the Comex gearbox is doing 7250rpm, no wonder the Twizy has a Limiter!!!



Spot on! The OVMS guide warns of this; recommending you change the oil each year. One little toe added to my carbon footprint😋.

See attached screen grabs.

Thanks for the Info Pete :smile:
I am a bit annoyed with Renault that my car has not had the oil changed in over 12,000 miles
If I knew it had a Comex Gearbox fitted I would have changed it every 3000 miles…
Hopefully weather permitting I will change it this weekend and replace it with the 80w90 and I think I will put a full Litre in.
Like I said above it was a common mod on Microcars


thanks everyone for info on this. indeed also just came across this nuance, lets say, in the OVMS PDF. shocking.
thinking of doing exactly that - oil change and asap.
I already reported the noise when driving over 30mph to renault and they have said that “having looked into the issue, not found anything fauly/untoward”… however noise has reduced - suspect someone had sense doing the oil refresh - not that customer is to be told about that - that would like admit own faults… cant have that, right.

thanks for the video. will attempt the oil change soon, will report on progress.


I have certainly found the oil change has made my gearbox quieter.

Note @peter_szczesiak 's gearbox problem on this link brakes

And Johnny J here OVMS

These should help.


my twizy is going in on the 10th of next month for its oil change to see if it makes the gearbox quieter they will also send the oil off for checking so fingers crossed for a easy fix