Renault Assistance telephone number changed?

Just rang assistance on the number I had - 0800 085 8005.

After 5 minutes of them not finding my car, they asked if it was Electric and said I had to ring a different number - 0800 169 7985.

Not sure if this has changed recently, but thought worth sharing if anyone else has the former stored


Are they allowed to do that, this is A change to the contract that goes with the battery. They would have to give use notice of the change and allow each one to opt out. Perhaps this is why.:smiley:

So Renault will recover the car on a low loader Monday morning for my 8am appointment at the garage, with a hire car provided for 3 days.

They have no stock of the 12v battery so will have to order in so imagine I will have an interesting conversation about the duration of the hire car

So you actually require a new traction battery of 12V system battery Paul?

no looks like just the 12V battery for the lights etc, not the traction

Good. Does Renault warranty cover that battery too? I’m surprised if it does or is that one part of the rental too?

Well for a battery which is two years old and less than 1500 miles I would expect Renault to cover that!

Will be having some interesting discussions otherwise

I think you will find you will but I agree to fail within two years is unacceptable.