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Renault Captur

Just been for a ride in my dad’s new car, the Renault Captur and I have to say it’s pretty nice!!

We saw it last weekend at the red carpet event and he was instantly interested in it. It’s like a bigger version of the new Clio and it is very smart!

The entertainment system in it is very impressive and has some cool little touches like being able to change the sound of the engine inside the car to that of a moto gp bike or a Clio rally car among others. Gimmicky yes but very fun!

It can connect upto different phones over Bluetooth at the same time meaning the driver can have their phone hooked up for calls whilst the passenger can use theirs for music for example.

The touch screen in the car is very responsive, has a great user interface and is therefore very simple to use.

Just thought I would give it a very brief review as I was really impressed with it.

These type of cars seem to be catching on lately, seems that the Juke & qashqui have spured a load of wannabes , like the new 208 Peugeot crossover etc.
saw. The Captur in Paris when I was there, and really like its looks, I hope they sell well for Renault, as things seem a bit down in their range lately.

Like the Captur, could have had one on short lease from Renault on employee deal.
Only criticism would be the boot is small (same as Jukes and Quashquai really).