Renault experiences

I wouldn’t want to hijack this thread, so I just created a new one.

I might be too young, or just haven’t enough life experience (still 24 after all and the Twizy is my first motorized vehicle), but I didn’t get the bold part, and especially not the underlined part.
Mender tells he didn’t miss Renault, and attached it with a smiley, so that wonders me to believe that something more is going on behind the curtain.

Why mention not missing Renault? Is it like Renault being a bad company or so? Or is he just using an inside joke I just don’t get?

Can someone enlighten me, please?

Don’t worry, nothing sinister is going on. If you can be bothered with going back to read Mender’s postings (mind you, there are over 1000 of them!!), you will find that at every opportunity he has, he will have a good old go at Renault. You see, he had a bad experience with Renault, or should I say the Renault dealer he had to deal with. IMHO it is not quite fair, as others have good experiences. I think they are no better no worse than any other makes. It just depends on whether you are lucky or unlucky with your dealer.

Well put, Askho but others have had issues too:

Rogernews crashed his due to throttle sticking and even though he posted videos of it happening on youtube, bailed out of fighting Renault and took a large insurance claim on the chin, then sold his at a massive loss to avoid any more hassle

Aminorjourney (a huge EV convert and journalist) bailed out of hers after it kept being faulty and could not be used effectively

The other guys who bought Twizy as a stop-gap while waiting for ZOE launch and got utterly shafted with £5k losses in a few months-or dealers who simply would not buy the cars back


Without boring everyone to death, my dealership experience was poor as the selling dealer sold me the car in a poor state, the local dealers were not in the least bit interested in the Twizy, would not fix it correctly and told me that it should not have been launched in the UK and I should have bought a Clio.
When the throttle stuck open and nearly caused an accident, they did not even look at it, just told me it was “outside the part number” for the throttle pedal recall.
The fault occurred in cold damp conditions, but they did not believe that leaving it in a warm dry workshop would solve the fault until it was next damp and cold, etc.
I had to take the car there myself, was told it would be a few days, was then told the next day to return the courtesy car in the next hour in the middle of a working day, when I dropped a paid job and did so, there was no thanks, I got the Twizy back un-fixed and left filthy. In the meantime, others crashed theirs and Renault denied all knowledge of their earlier throttle pedal recall and made the owners claim on their own insurance.

Eventually, I got the pedal changed after a lot of attitude from the dealer and sold the Twizy to avoid any further contact with Renault.

Upon selling the process was cocked up by Renault who did not inform HPI that the battery lease and finance had been cleared, resulting in me having to draw up a contract with the buyer I had delivered it to 250 miles away that they would pay part of the purchase price, but not all until seeing a clear HPI report, so I had to risk leaving it 250 miles away with someone I did not know without receiving the full payment. After a strong conversation the following day, it was resolved, but this was a metaphor for the whole experience of Renault Customer service.

I love the Twizy but it has faults: they used a Clio hazard light switch instead of a waterproof switch, so mine failed several times-owners have had their battery flattened by this, same goes with the light switch as passers by can turn on the lights or hazards and flatten the battery, the official windows are so poor they are shocking, the chargers have had an ongoing fault when our UK voltage tops their max amount and they don’t work, sticking throttle issues, grinding brake and sticking caliper issues (another recall), parts supply time or availability issues etc.

Renault dealers also shafted every buyer by not buying Twizys back in so the value dropped like a brick off a cliff, they suggested a few buyers they would be looked after if they bought one while waiting for the ZOE launch, then either refused to take the Twizy back in part-ex or offered £3000 for a car sold for £7000+ a few months earlier.

It’s a great vehicle, with the minor issues sorted out-but Renault have been shockingly bad in my and others’ experience, having said that, some buyers have bought from enthusiastic dealers, have had no issues (not in recall batches) and have not tried to resell, so still get on with Renault and their Twizy.

To deal with awful dealers (my experience), cope with the hassle and time loss of ongoing faults and to then not be able to sell it on to anyone for less than a £3-5k loss would send me anywhere other than a ZE dealer. You could lease a Nissan Leaf for less.

I can only speak from my own experience which differs from others, but I speak in truth.
I would buy a fully sorted one privately for £3-4k to avoid the huge depreciation loss as long as I never had to deal with Renault again, but paying full price new and buying from an uninterested dealer is financial and morale suicide.
If spending £7k, a Skoda Citigo would be a far, far better ownership prospect as it would depreciate far less keep you dry and the fuel would cost less than the battery hire.

Unless buying for £3-4k, you’re buying a non-essential fun car to be different, a pioneer, a hipster-whatever, as it will cost you dear-and it is all due to Renault’s complete mismanagement of the ZE brand, the lack of interest in many dealers, the poor stock control resulting in devastating depreciation, the problems not being sorted out effectively and quickly (brakes, throttle, charger) the delay in parts supply and lack of courtesy cars leaving owners with no car for weeks on end.

I have a huge knowledge of cars and have owned 232, over 20 of which have been new, as well as being involved in the car trade as my profession.

To sum up: Twizy; a superb idea, let down by a few manufacturing defects and catastrophically destroyed my Renault UK and many dealers.

If launched by another brand who had solved the teething issues with honour and goodwill, had carefully managed stock control to avoid a huge oversupply of ex-demos, had monitored dealers and dealt with those who rubbished ZE and shafted owners on part-ex, had tailored a model for the UK market and looked after owners giving a straight and favourable succession to ZOE it would have been highly desirable with excellent demand and residuals.

Sorry but that is my informed view and I stick with it, even though I enjoyed the actual Twizy.

Here we go again!!! I told you if given half a chance, mender will lay into Renault:lol::lol::lol:. Understandable, though.

Genuinely, I wish it had been a different experience :’(

Lol you have to be lucky with dealers, it doesn’t matter what franchise they are.
Renault have improved alot over the years though,I can’t say a bad word really. I got a 60 reg Megan coupe as a company car.
My first renault.
The only thing that went wrong was the cam belt snapped at 50 k and 2 weeks before its first mot.
A phone battle between lex and renault later… Warranty gave me a new engine lol

All french cars of old were known for poor reliability,Italian cars too.
fiat was known for rusting and aka:
Fix It After Tuesday fiat :wink:

My local Renault dealer (Toomey’s Southend-on-Sea) are absolute rubbish. I have had take my lovely Twizy in because the throttle is sticking (well known fault) and they pretended to know nothing about this problem! What a joke, I told them to Google it - they will find plenty of stuff on the internet and here on the forum. Please note my sarcasm. I was also told I had to wait at least a week for them to look at it as they only have one electrical engineer who is away more often than he is there. (I know this from when trying to book the annual service). Yesterday, the service department promised to call me about a courtesy car. I never heard from them. It is now Saturday afternoon.

I finally ranted at someone in sales who does answer the phone - of course - I might be buying a proper car. He put me through to a drippy girl who said she was the only one there. They do not have a car available and are unwilling to help. She told me to contact Renault customer services direct to sort something out. Of course, it is Saturday and nobody is around. They know that. They are, as ever, a completely useless dealership.

I called back and got through to sales (the only ones answering their phone as before). He cannot help. Service can help. No one is there I said. Yes there is, he says, I can see him, he is busy serving customers. Am I not a customer I ask? As I said, he is busy. So busy, I say, since 9am this morning? Temper is getting bad now, my voice is rising.

So, no courtesy car. Taxis to work it is. Who should I bill? Complaint sent to Renault Customer Services - fat lot of good that will do me. Renault dealers - both Basildon and Southend are so rude and unhelpful. I cannot express how I feel without my blood pressure rising.

So now I wait to see what they say about the fault. Bet your life they won’t find it …

I nearly purchased my own throttle, they are only £80, prob cost more in inconvenience, luckily for me I can manage without the Twizy quite easily, if it proved really unreliable,I would get rid! but tbh it’s been great besides that issue & the 1charger unit.
I still love the car, just not the dealers :mad: