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Renault Romford - April-June 2012

I thought I’d share my experience of Renault Romford to kick things off in the the new Dealerships forum.

*]Overall they were friendly, however I feel they lacked any knowledge whatsoever of the Z.E range. To be fair to them, I first went into the showroom in April 2012 and the Twizy had only just been launched, so the Z.E range was very new. I do feel though that the dealerships should have been trained and ready for the Z.E launch.
*]There was a complete lack of documentation apart from a very generic Renault cars brochure which just listed each model of car that Renault manufacture, along with prices and some specs etc. Where was the Z.E brochure showcasing all the features of electric vehicles? There was none. Just a brochure that didn’t tell me much, and printed out A4 pieces of paper with finance details and battery rental prices. If I wasn’t already in love with the Twizy, they would have lost me already.
*]I went out for a test drive in the Twizy on my second visit to the dealership. This was fine and had no problems with this.
*]The accessories and optional extras were the worst part of my experience with Renault Romford. I was very keen to kit my Twizy out and customise it, however, the dealer wasn’t interested. They had hardly any information on optional extras and the dealer put me off everything by saying that fitting would not be included, even on factory fitted extras. When I asked him how much fitting would be on certain things, he didn’t know! So I steered well clear of this, not wanting a huge final bill for fitting and ended up with a standard white Technic model! Renault could have easily got another £500 out of me.
*]One nice touch that I feel I should mention was when I was signing some final papers and at the end the dealer asked me to look to my right. Underneath a car cover/blanket was my brand new Twizy which had just been delivered. He let me have a sneak peek (as I couldnt pick it up for another few days) and I felt like a kid at Christmas :smiley:
*]In terms of final paperwork and after sales services offered, this is where it got confusing for me. There were so many bits of paper and nothing seemed that organised. I’m sure I’m still not aware of some of the things I’m entitled to!
*]The day of picking my Twizy up was also a disappointment. I’ve heard stories of other dealerships getting the local press involved when they sold their first Twizy and getting a send off etc. I was definitely the first Twizy sold at my dealership, if not in the whole of the South of England, yet I didn’t really get anything. He just handed me the keys, I got in and drove off.

I dropped my Twizy in for a service yesterday - hazard light switch broken, sticky doors, and needed to get the front mudflaps fitted. I thought I’d post an update on Renault Romford.

Well, what can I say, overall a very positive experience!

From the moment I rang them to the moment I picked the Twizy up, everything was easy peasy. Dropped the Twizy in at around 10am on Monday and they rang me about 2pm to inform me that they would need to order in the switch for the hazard lights and they gave me a price for the front mud flaps including fitting. I gave the go ahead for both things and they rang me today (Tuesday) at around midday to inform me everything was done and it was ready to be picked up. Pretty efficient service if you ask me.

Once I got down there what also helped was that everybody was really friendly in there, a lot of them asking me how I was getting on with it as they know I use it for work every day. I paid for the mud flaps and the guy brought the Twizy round to the front for me. It had been cleaned and polished and cleaned inside which was a relief as it was filthy.

And there you go. Everything fixed, a nice little service and I got my mudflaps all in a little over a day. Exactly how it should be!!!

Great to hear some positive news for once, credit where its due, well done Renault Romford :slight_smile: