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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Renault Store Champs Élysées

Just spent the last 3 days in Paris, managed to drag the wife into the Renault store, where to my surprise was the Twizy F1 & the Cargo.
Took a few pics for you all.
Also didn’t see 1 single Twizy in Paris, just a solitary Zoe, quite surprising, but I guess no congestion charge makes it less appealing.

Baby Twizy’s. :slight_smile:

Hmm €69 for the plastic model Twizy’s? That explains why the £8.00 ones at 1/42.scale in the Renault ZE shop as constantly being ‘out of stock’!

Well a coffee starts at € 7 in Paris, so nothing surprises me now. Most expensive place I have been for anything lately, I think that includes the whole of France.

Thanks for the heads up - I think I’ll give it a miss, I’m closer to Norway, but doubt it’ll be that much cheaper!