Renault to cease battery leasing?


Mentioned before. But it could mean that second hand Twizys go up in value as people will then buy as toys. ie. only use when the weather is good etc. A bit like some people use Motorbikes.

All good if they apply to existing cars and not ones already in service.

RCI have to do something though as spare modules for the Twizy battery will be hard to come by the time they are needed and then what do they do? Give you the battery with 70% capacity and say that’s a fair swap. Not to me after paying years of lease.

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You just need to make sure that the battery they “give” you is a relatively new one. :wink:

It that’s true it makes you wonder if Renault have decided that the early 2012 cars (like mine) will need a new Battery soon…
By 2017 my Twizy will be 5 1/2 years old and if they continued the 3 year contract it would be getting on for 8 1/2 years old.
Will it still be within Spec?


There doesn’t appear to be an easy way to check battery status. It was suggested that you plug it back and see what it reads. But if you do this as soon as the dash goes blank then it reads 100% if you do it say 8 hrs latter is says the same as it did new 97-98% depending on the state of balancing.

Renault always said the Twizy battery was good for at least 10 years. How did they work that out? Has any Twizy lost a battery bar yet?

Or is it that the battery bar will always be full as the software just measures current draw and says 100% is when the current is at X. A weak battery will reach this quicker but doesn’t stop software showing 100%.

The other way is to have been tracking total power drawn using an external meter. Not much point if you don’t know what it was when new and what state of charge the battery is in when you start. Also battery cells may be out of balance and this will draw that bit extra without showing up on the charge indicator, only in the power used to charge the battery.

Therefore some thing that can read the Bus is required. Not see anything yet.

OVMS should be able to read most of that information. It says that my (new) battery is 111,2 Ah:

Charging Done
CHG: 3293 (~3776) Wh
Range: 58 - 58 km
SOC: 100.00% (47.46%…100.00%)
ODO: 1043.5 km
CAP: 102.9% 111.2 Ah

And that is 102,9 % of the guessed rating of 108 Ah
You can also ask the BMS about battery info, cell deviation, temp and so on.

But i suppose that Renault will do their own mesurments on the battery and can come up with anything they want… if your not able to proove that you have lost more than 25% range, then you have a case. As far as my research goes, no batterys has been change due to degredation, only a couple in new cars that was not working properly.

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