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Renault to release update

Renault have told me there is a world wide update to the Twizy coming in September. All countries should get it at the same time. I don’t have many details, only that it does improve the way the charging cooling fan works.

This has been a complaint of mine, so is good news.


Yeah I noticed this on Twitter. Do you think we’ll have to take the Twizy into a dealership to apply the update? Not sure how else we could do it ourselves…

I assume it is a dealer up date. I would like to know how it is done.

If it was a user applied update then I could see some custom changes coming along. Ie. The 52mph limiter, different eco displays.


Ahh so there is a limiter on the Twizy? I suspected so. When I’m already doing 52mph and hit a downward slope, I feel the Twizy pull back, stopping itself from going any faster.

Why is this do you think? Surely if gravity can make the Twizy go faster then it should be allowed!

What is the complaint about the fan exactly?


The charging Fan stays on for way to long wasting a lot of electricity. In fact I thought that mine didn’t even turn off it was on for so long.

The fan consumes about 20w and runs for several hours after the 100% charge. Should only be 20 mins if charged indoors on a warm day.


Any more information on this?

I’ve noticed that although our Twizy often charges at night it starts to run the fans after about 9am during the day…

I find it hard to believe the battery pack is hot at this time of year, and I promise I don’t drive it THAT hard :slight_smile: