Renault Twizy fuse box


Does anyone have a map of the Twizy fuse box (what fuse goes where)? The manual does not give any hint direct hint on that.

My horn have stopped working, but I don’t want to check all the fuses one by one.

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Here you are.

You’ll have to translate the text. Borrowed from the German site. BTW: Horn is Hupe

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Hi. It’s also on the back of the cover you take off to access the fuse box.


Great. Thanks!

Related to this… anyone know which relay is for turn signals/blinkers/flashers… I can see one blue on the left side of the fuse box, but as I found on internet this one can’t be for blinkers. But I can’t pull it off to try. The other is black inside the fuse box, but blinkers works even if pulled off :disappointed:

I’m trying to find it to change it for LED related relay to eliminate blinkers hyperflashing when bulbs changed to LED. I’m realy not fan of the load resistors, so please don’t suggest me those.
Already need two of those load resistors for rear position/brake lights

Did you manage this. I’d prefer to change the relay then have 4 led resistors for the indiators. A led flasher relay is only £10

The blinker “delay” is generated by the electronics, unfortunately there is no relay that can be replaced.