Renault Twizy modified hire request for TV shoot UK

Hi guys, I’m looking for a modified Renault Twizy (similar to the Oakley design version) I can hire for a TV shoot in London in Jan / Feb 2021. Does anyone here have one?

Would love to hear from you if so! I can be reached at louis [dot] cryer [at] thames [dot] tv


Hi Louis
There was one recently on autotrader and also eBay. There have been a couple of the Oakley Designs twizy for sale too. They aren’t for sale anymore but you might be able to locate it with some in-depth google searching and contact them directly.
Good luck.

It didn’t get the reserve they were after I believe and is still located in essex atm.

It was up for stupid money, no wonder it didn’t sell… Anyhow it was for sale here, they might put you in touch with the owner.


Thanks everyone!

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I’m south london I only have a normal twizy. You can always pay for some nice decals for me :slight_smile: