Renault Twizy monthly sales

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Here are the most significant Renault Twizy sales data from its release in March 2012, summarized in a chart and accompanied by a graphic >> [/FONT]

Thanks for posting, interesting to analyse that.

How’s the ZOE selling?

I don’t know, not too bad I think. If you want more details you can follow this link leading to the Renault Group datas

This might be of interest. [h=1]Sales of Renault Electric Vehicles Up 29% In September[/h] 16 hours ago by Mark Kane [URL=“”]1Comments](’s Lineup Of Pure Electric Cars – Fluence Z.E., Twizy, Kangoo Z.E. and ZOE

September was very good month for Renault electric car sales. In fact, September was the first time this year when we see growth year-over-year for Renault’s EV sales.
In total, Renault sold ~1,899 units, which is 29% more than in September 2013. Excluding Twizy, the increase is even higher – 32%.
All that increase comes thanks to ZOE, which logged 1,356 sales (up by 131%). Twizy, with 226, went up by 12%.
Renault Fluence Z.E. is off at 15, while Kangoo Z.E. fell down to** 299** (over 50% down).
ZOE is now close to last year’s sales result and maybe will be able to exceed the 10,000-unit mark by the time this years comes to an end.]( BEV Sales Worldwide (January-September). Some data may be slightly inaccurate.

*PC is passenger version, while LCV is delivery version. In case of ZOE, it’s more a registration category than actually a design change. ZOE sales in 2012 include demo cars, as official sales began later.

Some decent new ads for the ZOE on tv now too, may get some more interest from them

November and december sales… Could be better.

Does anyone have data on how many Twizy’s have been sold in the UK?

465 in December 2014

Interesting figures as there are still more Twizys in Europe than Zoes. Not for long be still surprised me.

I just updated the values with the sales from march 2015. For UK it is sold Twizy in March and 508 since the begining.
Monthly sales