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Renault Twizy parts cheaper


I stumbled upon some Twizy SKU’s (product codes) and found a few interesting discounts by buying 3rd party:

Part Number: 77 11 573 695
Product Description: Protective Vehicle Cover
Renault Price: £240.00
Search Price: £157.07 - http://www.allcarpartsfast.co.uk/renault/renault-7711573695-housse-twizy-per/

Hi Scooby,

Do you know what this cover looks like exactly? Is it the waterproof one? Do you know if it covers all of the Twizy or just the top half?

I have searched for a pic but can’t find a pic of a genuine Renault Waterproof cover.



I think it is the cloth one that completely covers the car and fits round the mirrors. But it not waterproof, but would work well under a waterproof cover to prevent scratching. Renault only did that one. It’s the sort of thing car collectors hide their cars under when in storage. I have the renault cover and it is nice but not much use as my car is used everyday.