Renault Twizy with Lagune Steering Wheel and Powerbox v2

Controlling the Powerbox v2 with steering wheels buttons.

Powerbox v2 comes with 2 remote controls and with a little imagination, one can mount it inside a steering wheel like I’ve done here :slight_smile:

Powerbox I have just put on the airbag to more easily show this. The power box can be mounted wherever you want and the buttons from the steering wheel send everything wirelessly to the Powerbox

Through the Powerbox, I can now send any message directly to the CAN bus in the car :slight_smile:

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I wish i had waited to get this version! Lol

Which Laguna steering wheel fits, and does it require modifying? From the photos it looks like a mk3/2008 steering wheel.

Renault Laguna 2007-2012

A little modification is required for the airbag to fit. but not much.

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Are you using the Twizy airbag and cover? Is the connections in the steering wheel the same or are they moved over from the Twizy steering wheel? did you have to modify the fastening of the airbag/cover?


I’m using Twizy’s airbag. A little modification had to be done but it was not difficult.

ou do not need to do anything about the airbag wire connection

Hi Kenneth

i am interested in this new version of the power box with controls what is the price and I know you are a helpful chap can you do the steering wheel mod for me so I just have to fit it?

Do you mean the new Powerbox BT or V2? BT It is only for Android phones today. iOS will come later

And yes I can modify a steering wheel to you but I don’t have anyone available now. can you send one to me then can I modify it for you?

Hi Kenneth

I am a bit lost and will need help through with this, just tell me what I need I have an iPhone.

I will get a wheel off a Laguna. I will see if I can two so you have one spare.

Since you have an iPhone you must have Powerbox V2 but let’s switch to email. Please send me an email to [email protected]