Renault will manufacture new side windows for its Twizy

At the quite important meeting between Twizy owners and Renault on last April 27, we had the opportunity to discover a new window prototype developed by Renault… but pictures were forbidden.

So, here is the very original principle of the side windows of the future, that I illustrated with a rough scheme.

More explanations here :

Hi @Christian

Could you please give me more details on the meeting? Is anyone able to attend these meetings or were you invited?

James - here is the main thread.

I can’t help feeling there is an opportunity for some clever individual to do a complete re-design of the door incorporating some sort of effective window system. Clearly Renault aren’t taking this single serious flaw with the Tizzy’s design seriously. We don’t all live in Monaco!

The problem is that the Twizy is at limit of the weight to remain a quadricycle. If you had real doors with real glass windows, it will become a car with stronger constraints about safety and equipment.

Well, you wouldn’t have to use glass but I take your point. Perhaps a better battery might make way (weight-wise) for some form of more useful door? I’m not convinced saving weight was the main reason for the flakey door design, anyway. It doesn’t have to resemble an ordinary car door, maybe something like a light aircraft one? The doors on the Cessna 150’s I used to fly were really flimsy - practically no ‘side impact’ strength but then that isn’t something that pilots traditionally have to worry about! But they did keep out the wind and rain. Done in composites I would think you could do something pretty effective and very light. Also, only one side needs to open, doesn’t it? That would simplify things… make it cheaper and lighter overall.

For what it’s worth, I have run my Twizy with Windows since having it - two different sorts Twizywindows and Twi Rain. Both good products but preferred the Twizy Windows from the uk.
I installed Alex auto remote door opening kit and as a result has to take the Windows off. What a transformation! No bang drumming of the Windows as they flap when going over a large bump and so much more openness and freedom. It’s obviously better weather now and maybe in the deepest of winter I will revert but for me it feels so much better without Windows. That’s how the quod was designed. With Windows we are trying to create a car - something it is not. Just my personal opinion.

Like me, you will be very surprise to know that the batteries are not included in the calculation of the weight !
And in some way the weight of the batteries, heavy but in a very low position, is part of the car stability. Nothing is simple when you speak about cars…
During the meeting we had, Renault team explained to us that, because of the low sales, they cannot spend a lot of money or time with new elements, so you’re certainly right there are things to do but if there is no money to do…

Another windowless convert !!!
A few of us have been banging on about how much better the Twizy is without the windows. Those who have not tried should really give it a go, particularly with the better weather. I have gone through 2 winters now without the windows and as long as you get nicely wrapped up, it’s perfectly OK.

I have used the Twizy two winters now. The first with, the second without the Renault windows. I agree with Ambalana: the Twizy is not a car, the fun(for me) is in these differences. I used it in every type of weather. Since a few months, I changed to using my e-bike when the weather is nice and dry, and drive the Twizy when it rains :slight_smile: