Renault won't sell me a Twizy :-(. And you are not allowed to sell me yours either

Renault don’t sell the Twizy in the Czech Republic, where I live. OK I thought, they don’t want to provide the service etc for a very small number of cars. I’ll buy one across the border in Germany, on 30 mins drive for me. OK I’ll lose the recovery service, but I can live with that. But apparently not. Renault Bank Deutschland who lease the batteries will not sign an agreement with me if my address is in the Czech Republic.
To be honest, I’m surprised such discrimination is legal. Any Twizy owning EU lawyers out there?
And all you Twizy owners, I imagine you were under the impression that you could sell your Twizy to anyone who wanted to buy it, but apparently not, Renault have to agree with the deal.
Is this the end of my Twizy dream?

Are you looking at a new one? If so try Norway as they include the batteries so not rental.

There are very small number of Twizys out there with not battery rental so don’t give up.

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