Renault wrapping service?

At the dealer yesterday talking about lack of sales etc, and he said they have been told to wrap on of the display Twizys ready for spring.

i saw the list of designs. Mostly the same as the ones on the tour.

each branch has to pay for the work which is £645.

If they do it for in house would they do it for the public, though at an inflated price.

I think some of us have mentioned before that Renault would sell more Twizys if they offered a bit more customisation and personalisation on them. They seem like the perfect car to do this to. Hopefully looks like Renault have suddenly realised this!

£645 cost price is far too much for a Twizy-they’re only small and the roof or black plastics do not need to be done.

Renault UK need to make some effort and take hold of UK sales.

I’ve enquired before about getting a Twizy wrapped and the price has always been about £800 so that sounds about right for cost price. The difference in the amount of wrap used is probably not that much, it’s the expertise and man hours you’re paying for.

The office I worked in had a Smart Car full multi-colour wrap quote for £600, plus £100-odd for company graphics inc vat in 2010, has much changed?
IIRC a part wrap for it was about £350 inc photos.

I would have thought a Twizy would cost less if just the frame and doors?

It could possibly be because it’s so different that it takes slightly longer to wrap? Who knows…

The green wrapped Royal one was exactly what I had in mind when yakking about poor Renault sales; sell one in a popular UK colour with fitted doors and windows. They should make it a limited edition model to boost sales.

I spoke to creative FX about wrapping mine in chrome. The cost come in due to the amount of angles on the body. They want the car for 3 days to do a really pucker job. £1500 in chrome £1200 Tron matt black and blue neon lines yet £800 for union jack. I liked the idea of a star wars film scene wrap quote…£1500.
Solid colour change circa £800 and couple quid more for metallic.

For US$249, I could get a Gold Chrome wrap sheet delivered to my house in the UK. That would be enough to cover a semi-trailer truck. I’m free for the next week (first seven days of 2014) so if you want, you can bring me the wrap or pay me, and you can drop off your Twizy at mine, go to one of Essex’s finest pubs, get pi**ed and collect the Twizy from me, already wrapped (legally, I have to say “Wait till you sober up”, but oh well :mrgreen:")

Bored, job-less, study-less. Entertain me please!

I am getting mine re wrapped by the dealers agent for £720.00 in metallic silver including whole door but not the black bits before delivery.

Show us some pictures when it’s done. Thanks