Electric battery Earn £175 per month from your EV!
BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Renault Z.E. Access for ZOE or battery included

Renault anounced a new rental plan for new ZOE’s called Renault Z.E. Access that costs only 49 euros a month but only for 1.250 km every 3 months (417 km a month). Clearly betting on people that make few quilometers a month (french and [URL=“http://www.4rodas1volante.com/2014/01/renault-ze-access-para-o-zoe.html”]portuguese).
On a portuguese electric car forum also found references to the possibility of getting the ZOE with battery included - no rental.

I’d be interested in seeing what the cost per mile charged should you exceed the stipulated amount.

Only then can you work out the benefits of taking the gamble!

I bought my first zoe today, its a ridiculous charge of 70 pounds and 8p per mile over the amount ludicrous if you ask me but for now I am going with it…i am expecting the charge to disappear in a few years…

What were your options of duration and distance? Similar to the Twzy, except in cost?

nope I told a lie its just 5p per 100 miles in the zoe, i will be pilling on the miles over the next 4 years, it will be seeing well over 60,000 miles, buy a zoe it makes a loit of sense and i am sure within 5 years there will be a batery upgrade to 30 kw and a realisitic 120 miles. current 22 kw is not enough, 90 miles in this coldish but not freezing weather is hard work… too hard…but still love it