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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Renault ZE roadshow

Took a trip into Nottingham to visit the Renault Roadshow, was tricky wondering how to get near the action, so in the end we drove down a Tram only bit of road and straight onto the market square.
The Renault guys were great hosts, and let us plug in to charge , but after about 20 mins of questions from potential buyers, and people clambering all over my car , we decided to leave .
Here are a few pics.

Great pics-interesting.
I think they are coming to Bristol and Birmingham this month.

Nice to get a free charge from Renault!

Can’t wait to test a Zoe…

It seems that no matter what Renault puts on show, the Twizy is centre of attention at all times.

What’s the story in the photo with the guy and the home-made mobility scoot? Like the torch headlight!

Not sure, I should have asked, but dare not take my eyes off my Twizy, it was being Raped.
I suspect it was an early Twizy prototype :wink:

Perhaps they are taking some of their 90s Renault Racoon prototype ideas down the electric path and making an off road Twizy prototype. Clever disguise :lol:

Since all the other electric cars strive, successfully in most cases, to look EXACTLY like ordinary cars, this isn’t all that surprising. The worry (or opportunity) for Renault (and other mfrs) may be that the Twizy will become a lot of people’s- espcially young people’s - idea of what an electric car is, and ought to look like. :slight_smile:

Interesting point. I guess makers want the existing car buying market to switch to their electric product by making it as close to what they are currently familiar with and also want young people to like the styling and think electric is the way forward-by moving away from their existing “outdated” products.

Catching both ends of the market is clever marketing.

We could never get a teenager in our Community Aixam Mega City (a French G-Wizz clone). They found it acutely embarrassing. You can’t get them out of a Twizy, which has only marginally better performance, and they yell out how cool they think a Twizy is as you go by. The Mega-City looks and behaves like a cheaply made very lightweight car, and is clearly failing to be a car. The Twizy isn’t trying to be a car, so perhaps it is evaluated in its own terms.

Good point. Perhaps the next gen of electric cars will rely more on functionality of an electric car (light weight, recyclable etc) than trying to make an electric car basically a petrol car with a different power plant. There are some interesting concepts out; T.27, Pivo3 etc which are vehicles in their own right and not copying standard cars. Much like the Twizy!