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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Renault ZE roadshow

Got an email from Renault today , about their ZE roadshow, it is coming to Nottingham, Old Market Square.
Obviously they don’t know I have a car.
Do you think they would be impressed if I turn up in my sign written one :slight_smile:

[FONT=Helvetica]Its happening on the 12th to 14th of October for anyone interested.[/FONT]

Didn’t get the email but had seen about the road show. I too thought about going in my Twizy!

I had no issues with mine when the road show was in London, even invited to park my Twizy with the rest of the fleet :cool:



Did they let your re-charge it? That would be a need for me.

No charge point from what i could see when at the event but then again no charge was need as London was still within my Twizy range plus if needed plenty of Source London bays around London, not sure how it will work at this event ?!?!

Okay. If I go it is possible to drive there, by going via Lightly’s for a charge on the way and back:D. He can do it from his house :slight_smile:
No really necessary, my parents live near Lightly and I would use their house as I would need a big charge before going to Nottingham and a a full battery to get home. So would make it a very long day waiting around for two 3 hours charges and some good home cooking.

Or you could be our first test case of using the Renault road side recovery… :lol:

Same amount of waiting around, I’d expect. :rolleyes:

I would imagine Renault will let you charge at their stand, imagine them telling you no :slight_smile:
I think my cars advertising would be a little against their plans.

I believe it was the micro car show on today, saw a bond bug on the way to work and a bond bug on the way home, making that 3 bond bugs in my entire life ive seen on the roads lol. If renault didnt have a twizy there then they seriously missed a trick!

I went to the Bluewater roadshow and they had a solar powered generator on show, but with nothing plugged into it. Surely they would let you plug into that?
I thought I would be plagued by further test drive offers and info, but the only thing I keep getting are emails for someone else to my email account.