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Renault Zoe now available to order

If the article is correct, it comes in three trims:

Zoe Expression £13,650 after grant
Standard tomtom with touchscreen

Zoe Dynamique Intens £14,750 after grant
Standard tomtom with touchscreen, rear colour camera, dark interior pack

Zoe Dynamic Zen £14,750 after grant
Standard tomtom with touchscreen, light interior pack, active scent diffuser, ioniser and toxicity sensor

The battery hire pricing is shown in the article as being £70-103pcm.

The Renault site is currently showing the Zoe available to order for spring 2013 with a £49 deposit
With a bit of looking the other models are there.

Expression has wheel trims, climate, no skyroof, cruise, ISOFIX, Dynamique adds alloys, better stereo and more kit.

Why did they go with such daft names? Why follow the petrol/diesel models naming?
An ioniser? scent diffuser?

It does frustrate me that Renault do not take more time to think about how the car will be perceived-by lumping the girly ioniser nonsense pack into the light interior (which suits the car) they will put half of the market off.

Daft names, daft trim packaging? Not impressed so far. Come on Renault marketing, the car is original-don’t lump it with s**t Clio/Megane trim level names and don’t force people who want the light trim to have some daft nonsense instead of the reversing camera.

Make it appeal to car drivers not eco-warriors-they should be making the car seem an easy switch-over from petrol or diesel, not baffling buyers with “take care packages”.
Christ on a bike, it annoys me.

I have been invited to a Clio / Zoe event on Thursday by our Renault dealer.

Basically a sale pitch with a draw at the end.

Hopefully I will win a Twizy for the weekend! Oh wait… :mrgreen:

Saw a Zoe on the road tonight, it looked tiny, much more like you imagine a Clio “should” look. It was in a lovely French blue colour, I was most intrigued, this is a bad sign, tempted to go and have a drive in one.

It’s ok to lust for a Zoe if you already drive a Twizy, they are both awesome vehicles. I have ordered a Zoe which is due to replace my 1year old Twizy. I am a Londoner and I am only allowed 1 car parked outside my house with a permit, so the Twizy’s days are numbered. No doubt the parting will be painful but I am an EV convert thanks to Renaults little quadricycle.

Looking forward to hearing about the Zoe when you get it. When is its arrival expected ?

Expected in June so probably actually get it around christmas time :slight_smile:

Good to see a realistic expectation…

Jmayo - out of interest how are you going to charge your Zoe? I saw you use the cable across the pavement for the Twizy - but with the need for the wall unit surely you won’t be able to do this for the Zoe?

Good question.
For the short term I’m moving to a house with off street parking. After that it could be a bit tricky since the Zoe requires at least a 16 amp connection which may be harder to trail across the pavement. The strategy is to buy it first and then start making noises to the council about lack of infrastructure.

I drove a Zoe yesterday Friday 3rd May at Lifestyle Brighton. It was their demonstrator and had gone on the road just the day before so I guess I must be one of the first customers to try it.

I don’t know where to start with the list of superlatives or how to put over the driving experience. It was everything I’d hoped for plus much more. You’ll have to try one yourself to see; it feels like your in an alien craft with the incredible interior and the genuinely silent ride.

I’m going to go for the Expression in metallic blue.

Book a ride you won’t be disappointed!


The ZOE can charge from 6A which is even less than the Twizy… Renault want to ‘encourage’ everyone to use a 16A/32A Type 2 Charging Station at home but no reason why you can’t use a 6A/10A/13A portable Charging Station if you wish.

I drove one today. The styling is really cool. There was a leaf there too and the contrast was stark! It feels very solid and with good power, the driving position is high, you are sat on top of the battery. The brakes are a bit weird though - very sensitive. Apparently they are activated electronically.

Out of interest there was a Twizy with a glass roof. Apparently they will fit one to an existing Twizy for £600. The roof itself only costs around £200 but apparently to strip it all down and install it would rack up £400 of labour.

Hi Kuelap

Where did you test drive the Zoe?

Are you 100% about them being able to retrofit a glass roof to a Twizy? We have always been told that it isn’t possible to do this and you can only get a glass roof on a brand new Twizy as it is added at the factory.


So at Renault London west - I did say to the ze guy there I thought there was no retrofit but he said you could. The real advantage is the light in the back seat, I would do if it was cheaper.

Renault Zoe is on Auto trader from a dealer already… http://www.autotrader.co.uk/search/used/cars/renault/zoe/postcode/ss25dj/radius/1500/onesearchad/used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew/quicksearch/true

hey pablo, good to hear. have you driven another ev? like a leaf or similar? a totally different experience. easy to fall for them.

Well I own a Twizy does that count. At the start of 2012 I went to a Nissan garage on the south coast but the staff were disinterested and showed no inclination to arrange a test drive. Also, the price tag even after the £5k was beyond my budget.

I went to a Mitsubishi showroom later in the year to look at the Miev but their demonstrator was shared with another garage and not available. Again there seemed to be a lack of interest.

However, Lifestyle Brighton are keen and clearly looking to give the Zoe a good start.

cant understand why I want one of these , really must stay away from the Renault dealers :o

Update on Nissan Leaf. Drove one today and mighty impressed. Felt bigger than a Zoe. After all the faffing about with Renault I’m tempted.

very expensive though, you will pay around 28k for the right model, maybe more, and given that the battery charge for a zoe is only 3,360 for 4 years a leaf would have to be kept for nearly 10 years before it would work out cheaper than a zoe and thats assuming the batteries last that long without replacement…but I do have to say that if renault do not lose the battery lease method they will not get any long term business…the zoe is only just more economical than a car doing 60 mpg…the 100 quid saving on the tax doesnt make up the difference…renault have it wrong at the moment but we have no choice…I am looking into building batteries and would like to develop a battery replacement system for the zoe and other cars…its doable and eventually all cars will use the same battery pack…