I want to create a stink. Does anyone have the senior email addresses of people in Renault uk sale?

The reason is I want to spend money. I want to buy a second twizy. I cannot get anyone at two Renault dealerships in the Bucks Herts areas to call me back. Have been leaving messages and emails for two weeks now.

Its so incredibly frustrating. My daughter likes the Zoe but I am really worried about a second Renault because of this experience.


When my local Renault dealer wanted to charge me £150 for its free service I phoned Renault UK
Didn’t take long before my dealer rang me to apologise (read grovel!) for me to bring it in for its free service!


The ones I have come across are useless.

I rang Renault West London so many times to buy their most expensive (demo) Twizy even wanting to put a deposit down. To this day they never had the courtesy to call back.

The main guy in charge of EU sales for Renault EV’s is Ben Fletcher. He is based at Renault Watford. Best of luck.

I used Westover Group in Bournemouth, they were fantastic.

Make me an offer on mine!!

There you go - worth considering.

If the offer is right, you can even have mine :wink:
All about my twizy here

What’s happening? Everyone is trying to sell their Twizy!