Rent a Twizy in the south of France

Rent a Twizy.

If you’re planning to go to the South of France this summer or anytime you can rent a Twizy on a daily basis from £29.00 / day in any of these 3 cities… Monaco, Nice and Cannes.

Knowing all 3 well it should be a thrill experience to drive around especially in Monaco where the range will easily cover for a few days of driving and parking is free for all EV vehicules. Not sure about parking in front of the casino Royal.

You can always pretend you are James Bond :grin:

That is 29.00 euros a day so it is even cheaper at today’s rate £23.00 / day

I actually thinking of creating a Twizy rent for Athens.
By problem is… Renault Greece does not import them and I can’t have them imported.

But… If anyone comes to Athens I will rent you MY PIMPED TWIZY :slight_smile: