Renting the battery in another country

Hi ,

Maybe someone is able to help me and its urgent :frowning:
So i like this Twizy wery much but in my place Renault does not plan to have it in next 2 years. I cant rent the battery in some other place as it cant be exported.
So ,i did this, i bought a accedented twizy with battery. The car has side damage but the battery is ok and its there.
Now my plan is to buy a twizy with no battery and instal my own. Is that possible at all, will i be able to do it . i read someware that thia battery has some computer with the software to run the car ,i have no idea if i have it or where is it. I know the battery is there.

Any advice as tomorrow i need to pay the car.

Thanks very much

And, bought the car?
I have a Twizy without a battery and would be interested in buying a battery.



Brave move. What country are you in ?