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Replace entire headlight with LED Daymaker?

So I replaced my halogen lamps with LED H4 a while ago. Brightness and vision wise, they have been amazing. I also like the blue (cooler) color of the light. However, I have become increasingly aware of how poor they work with the optics of the headlights. Anytime I drive behind someone at night, they nearly always switch their rear view mirror to a lower mode because they are blinded. A lady even held her hand in front of her rear view mirror recently, presumably because they were too bright/not aimed downward enough.

That said - I’ve been looking into other LED headlight options - including a complete replacement of the halogen/reflector system. Apparently Harley Davidson sells an LED Daymaker replacement headlight, which many-a-chinese company have apparently knocked off. I found this one on Amazon, which I assume would fit in the Twizy size wise. Anyone have any thoughts on how to actually mount it… and if they would be street legal?

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I’ve not measured the headlamps in the Twizy but they will either by 5" or 5.75" I suspect. These look quite good and claim a strong output and accurate cut-offs. If they are the same size, then replacement should be simple as the LED lamps will undoubtedly fit in the same way as the stock units do. I’d be willing to bet that these would be quite good.

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Headlight glass (and opening in front cover is 5”. The standard Twizy headlight mounting ring is wider, right at 5-3/4”. I ordered the 5” version to make sure none of the light is blocked by the front cover. Should arrive next week. I’ll post some photos and first thoughts once I’ve git some time to play with them.

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@iamlucasking: keep us updated!

They arrived today - but instead of 5" (127mm), they are 120mm exact. Far too small a diameter to fit without looking stupid in the ~130mm opening, plus creating a way for them to securely mount in the Twizy without falling out forward looks to be quite a challenge. I’ll be sending them back and try 5-3/4" next.
I can post some photos of the 5 inchers if anyone wants to see. As a side note, the few second I had them “on”, the lighting effect looks impressive, but it wasnt dark enough and I did not have a wall to test/compare.

We would love some pictures!
It may be a good idea to test the light output of these before sending them back just to assure they deliver!


Sorry for the poor photos. It was too dark and my iPhone sucks at night. Anyway, this gives you an idea of the size and why they won’t work. Simply too small of a diameter. It sinks back quite far with nothing to hold it in place. I could position it forward, but again, there are no screw holes, nothing to hold it in place. I think the 5-3/4” will be a much better fit. Some even come with a proper mounting ring.
Regarding performance, I couldn’t get the darn thing to sit without tilting for a photo. But when holding with my hand, they seem to have a better-than-halogen cutoff when looking at them from above center. I assume they will be significantly less blinding to oncoming traffic. Brightness wise, I’m positive they are brighter than the halogens. Sorry, I was too lazy to face the Twizy towards a proper wall. I’ll do a better comparison once the 5-3/4” version arrive!


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So. 5-3/4” arrived today. The size is much closer to the original headlight. The LED heat-sync is a smaller diameter and fits snuggly in the Twizy opening behind the headlight. This LED headlight is also slightly larger than the headlight opening in the front cover – so no way for it to fall out. Overall, I think this could be a winner. I will test it tonight once it gets dark to compare the light output and spread vs. original.
The only downside I’ve found so far: there is no daytime running lights on these (a small light/power draw when you switch the lights to 0). For some reason, I can’t find any 5-3/4” versions with this feature.

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A few evening pictures below. My assessment driving around the neighborhood is that they are quite good. The right headlight is a bit more challenging to maneuver into the headlight hole, but they are both very snug and I doubt will budge even on a hard jolt.
The light distribution is noticeably rounder than the original. Key is to install them so they are aimed slightly downward so you don’t blind others in traffic. I used the clear cut off line from the halogen to aim the first one, then aimed the second based on the first. A bit of trial an error. Also - aiming them downward leaves a bit of a gap between the front cover and the headlight. I hope it’s not a problem for rain to get in there…
The beam is overall brighter and perceived wider. For about €50 each, I think these are viable replacements, however likely not street legal. And I do miss the daytime running light option to draw even less power during summer days. But for what they are, they’re pretty cool.

Twizy with one headlight as LED:

Only halogen aimed at wall:

Only LED aimed at wall:

Both LED (left) and halogen (right) aimed at wall:

Both LED (left) and halogen (right) in “tunnel”:

Both LEDs front view:

Both LEDs aimed forward:

Nice to try things, but that beam pattern will most likely fail a UK MOT test.

So I got bored and found a 5.75” headlight with daytime running lights. I also was able to create a 3D printed bracket to hold them to the original headlight mounting bracket instead of just “squeezing” them in. Overall, I’m pretty happy.


Looks Great!

I think this will be my next upgrade, need to find a way to make the adapter rings first though.

Nice! :slight_smile:
Do you have a link to these units?
I have a 3D Printer, do you also have the 3D Model /STL you could supply?
Any format will do :blush:




Don’t know if I got the link right but there is plenty on ebay and amazon.

I would be happy to buy adapters if you decide to make some!

Here are the headlights I purchased. There are a few others available (silver background instead of black). Just make sure they are 5.75”.

Note you’ll need to snip the blue (only) wire of the daytime running light to connect that to the headlight’s DRL cable.

I can upload a STL file of the rings I 3D printed tomorrow. I need to make some revisions as it was very much trial/error to get the dimensions right, and in the end, they weren’t perfect but it worked, which is good enough for me.

Thanks for your input! :blush:


OK - here is the STL file.

A few notes from my experience:

  • Print two of these as test to make sure they fit. Again - a bit of trial and error before I had 4 that would work. I’ve saved the FREECAD file I used to work on it, I am happy make edits if something is too large/small.
  • I printed with a 20% infill for stability (screw holes).
  • To get the headlights aimed downward enough to not blind the car in front of you… I removed the springs on the bottom two screws, and screwed them in so that the 3D printed rings were as close as possible to the mounting ring.
  • I left the spring on the top screw, and added a small rubber washer to keep it pressed forward. These things are bright, so the angle downward is necessary to not glare other traffic.
  • I had to remove the right skinny panel next to the right headlight and saw off a small section to fit the headlight in with the bracket. On the left side, I simply unscrewed the same part, fit the headlight, then screwed it back in with no problem. You may be able to do to the same on the right side.
  • On the right headlight, the top right corner screw protrudes in a way that does not allow the Twizy’s front panel to clip back into place. I sawed off half of the triangle screw hole of the front 3D printed ring to allow the screw to sit deeper. These few mm allow the front panel to clip on without issue.

I’m usually pretty attentive to messages on here. So let me know if anyone tries this and needs any further help.


Thanks for the STL :blush:


Hi Lucas!

Any updates on your LED headlights? Any remarquable performance issues, anything at all?
I just bought a pair, so just wondering.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Not at all. Still totally in love with them. They are the headlights the Twizy should have had all along.
Here’s another user who made the switch. Apparently there is a Facebook guy who sells mounting rings to glue to the LED headlights. I used a custom double bracket (front and back) for added security.