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Replacement steel wheel

Hi all,

looking at getting a spare wheel and tyre just in case I get a puncture , been quoted just under £41 for a front wheel, any one brought one before and let me know if this is a reasonable price?

You’ll need two - the front and rear are different sizes. Also, check the price includes the tyre - I suspect it doesn’t.

I believe all the steel wheels are the same size , just fitted with different size tyres front to rear, my plan was to fit the 125 tyre so the spare wheel can be used in case of a serious puncture.

the price is with delivery, just the steel wheel without tyre.

Agreed - it is only the rubber that is different - however still a pain if you have to mount the tyre removing the unsuitable one first! May be better to simply have one of each ready to go as the cost isn’t prohibitive.

i’m glad i looked at the wheels, two of them were so loose i could have turn the studs by hand :rolleyes: