Replacing the front indicator light bulb

I got a faulty indicator light bulb. Now it seems hard to replace. has anyone done it yet? Im not sure whether to start disassembling the front by my self.

I also got a shortcut in my hazardlight switch. it wouldnt turn off anymore. I disconnected the plug to be able to drive the car.

remy, Netherlands.

I am pretty sure Christian through his LifeinTwizy blog has got a video showing how to take the front panel off.
Through lack of use the hazard warning light switch sticks sometimes. So swiching it on and off quite a few times will usually free it .

I know this is an old post but having to change not only a full set of indicator bulbs and lenses for smoked ones, our Twizy friend Christian has done a superb job on listing dis-assembly, step by step.

It is in French but just hit the Google translate button (open your browser in Google-Chrome) and it is all very understandable.

Click here

Thank you Christian!

You’re welcome ! I will try to make the english version soon.

No need - Google Translate does it fine.

@Christian does write in a style that Google translate works well with.